The Avionte Customer Journey

The 12 of us who made it out to the Staffing World 2013 show in Orlando this year have mostly settled back into the day-to-day swing of things here at the office. This was the sixth year that Avionté has attended the show, and what we really love about trade shows is the opportunity they provide to hear valuable feedback, not only about our staffing software product, but also about our company as a whole.

There are a few key standards that Avionté strives to uphold, each and every day. One of these standards is honesty. We’ve always been upfront about our staffing software product and our company. You can see this through our Avionté Assurance Pledge, or in the speech our CEO John Long gave at this year’s Client Connection Forum. And we feel we provided this honesty all who stopped by to chat with us at this year’s Staffing World, too.

The second standard is excellent customer service. Above all else, we want to not only meet our customer’s expectations, but to far exceed them, which is why we work with our customers every step of the way. We work to establish a trust by ensuring that each of our customers are cared for, from the moment we first make contact, throughout their journey with us. This customer journey is what refer to as the Avionté Difference.

In a recent article published on LinkedIn, Management Consultant David Edelman explains why he feels the customer journey is of high importance. He writes:

“Excelling at delivering great experiences across a customer journey – the full set of interactions with a brand to accomplish a task – delivers more value than providing excellent customer experience in a single interaction … This customer journey approach is a fundamentally important way to understand how your business needs to work. It defines how your departments need to work together, what content you need to develop, what technology you should invest in, what people you need, what metrics you need to track, and ultimately, how much you want to grow.”

We couldn’t agree more. In fact, we’d argue that the most valuable take-away from this year’s Staffing World show is that we learned that the idea of the “excellent customer experience” is what matters most to our clients, too. We always strive to be and do better for our clients, and we truly believe we have the best team in the industry: one that strives to continue to represent the standards that Avionté was built upon.

So thank you to all of our valued customers for taking the journey with us. And thank you for continuing to provide great feedback along the way.

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