The Avionté Hope Foundation: Setting Goals for 2016

A look at 2016 so far…

In 2015, Avionté, LLC – through the Avionté Hope Foundation (AHF) – donated over $75,000 to nonprofits and organizations in the Twin Cities area and in the surrounding area of Kathmandu, Nepal. Nearly $20,000 of that was donated to causes by Avionté’s staffing software employees and clients alone, on top of the 700 hours of volunteer time given by Avionté employees!

And we think that’s pretty cool.

But as Avionté continues to grow fast and the Hope Committee continues to expand, the leaders at Avionté knew the company could make an even greater difference in 2016. So, the Hope Committee took a deeper look at how things went in 2015 overall and came up with two more specific goals to drive to drive towards in 2016:

  1. Although over 700 hours were used by employees to volunteer in the community, of the 300 available “Hope Days” for employees, only about 125 were used. The first goal for 2016 for all employees to use their three Hope Days by providing more opportunities and encouraging group participation.
  2. Although Avionté partnered with 10+ new organizations in 2015, there are over 2,000 nonprofit members in the Minnesota Council for Nonprofits alone! So, Avionté’s second goal for 2016 is to get out into the community more and get to know, on a deeper level, who is being impacted.

Essentially, the Avionté Hope Foundation has always worked towards helping people help themselves by touching lives and driving change, and that main goal will never change. From filling food bags at Feed My Starving Children and “Cooking For Kids” at the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery in Minneapolis, to a successful diaper drive and another “You’ve Been Avionté’d” day in the books, we feel we are off to a great start this year.

Read all about it and stay up to date on all that’s happening on the Avionté Hope blog.


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