AviontéBOLD: The Inspiration Behind the Name and Brand Transformation

Avionté is one of the most recognized names in the staffing industry and synonymous with front & back office staffing software, incredible customer service and an infectious culture.  

Year after yearAvionté unlocked new levels of growth, helping hundreds of clients empower employment along the waySince 2005, the company has grown, the product has evolved and the brand has refreshed. But the time had come to be bold and deliver a solution that would revolutionize the way staffing professionals do business.    

That bold moment arrived in October 2018 when Avionté acquired COMPAS Technology with the strategic decision of combing the mighty front office technology of COMPAS with the robust back office capabilities of Avionté to create the industry’s most comprehensive front & back office staffing solution that spans multiple verticals within the staffing industry including clerical, light industrial, IT, professional and more. 

Fast forward a year later and that bold moment manifested into a bold solution. Introducing…AviontéBOLD  

Avionte Bold

Avionté has taken a monumental step towards redefining the staffing and recruiting industry through innovation and technology. AviontéBOLD is uniting entire organizations like never before.    

AviontéBOLD is more than a product, it’s a movement. This bold new generation of Avionté not only delivers the tools necessary to drive efficiency and growth, it enables staffing professionals to push the limits, make bolder decisions and compete at a level never thought possible. At a glance AviontéBOLD offers: 

  • Fully integrated, front & back office staffing solution 
  • Optimized for all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.) 
  • Integrated sourcing apps 
  • CRM & ATS in one 
  • Attendance & payroll 
  • Advanced BI reporting 

AviontéBOLD will help staffing & recruiting agencies make bold decisions like: 

  • Open new branches 
  • Acquire new companies 
  • Enter new staffing markets 
  • Automate manual tasks 
  • Create forward-thinking new efficiencies  

The acquisition, integration and release of AviontéBOLD brought with it the perfect opportunity to create a brand that represents the culmination and unity of COMPAS and Avionté. With that, Avionté felt the need to create a unified brand, along with a new name for the software generation that would represent the combined solution.  

Here’s the result! 


This new logo is the symbolic representation of two solutions joining forces to create an industry-defining platform for growthbound staffing firms.     

Both the Avionté and COMPAS brands were represented with some form of blues, so forming a new bolder and vibrant blue was a natural transitionThe introduction of a fresh new mark represents the ‘new’ Avionté, while the font and style of the logo name remain the same to honor Avionté’s legacy 

The new abstract “A” mark (nicknamed the ‘ninjaenCOMPASses the new look and feel of the company. The mark was designed to symbolize connections and growth. 


Just as you would expect software to evolve, the Avionté brand also continues to evolve.  

About Avionté

Avionté is a leader in enterprise staffing and recruiting software solutions, offering innovative end-to-end staffing solutions to over 900 customers and 25,000 users throughout the U.S. and Canada. Avionté delivers a robust platform for clerical, light industrial, IT and professional staffing firms to maximize profits and boost productivity.

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