Avionte Hope Foundation Launched!

“2012 is looking to be another great year for Avionté and I’m very thankful for all of our successes. So now feels like the right time to start sharing our success with others and helping to make a positive impact in the lives of those less fortunate than us. Starting a chartable side of Avionté has always been a vision of mine and I couldn’t be more excited to finally see this start to take form.   January 2012 was the official launch of The Avionté Hope Foundation (AHF) and I’m thrilled to see all that is already happening!” John Long, CEO of Avionté

The mission of the Avionté Hope Foundation is: To positively impact the lives of individuals by helping them achieve long term life improvement, through financial and personal support.  Providing a conduit for employees of Avionté to become involved in charitable activities and start making a difference.

We created AHF to support people in need, and to provide volunteer opportunities for Avionté employees. The financial side has an allocated budget each month to help local non-profit organizations in Minnesota and Nepal (Our Corporate office is located in MN and we also have an office in Kathmandu). Each month the funds are split into three buckets.  A portion goes to a local Minnesota organization to help provide support for an individual or group who is working toward a better future.  Another portion goes to support so many of the less fortunate in Nepal.  The final bucket is set aside for special opportunities and needs as they arise.

For the month of January and to celebrate the launch of AHF, we kicked off our Year End Party with Operation See-A-Need. This surprise mission presented each Avionté employee a $50 bill to go out and make a difference. Check out some of the inspiring stories from Avionté.

Money was also sent to our Nepal office in January to help an orphanage purchase educational supplies for children whose parents are imprisoned.

The month of February we are working with Lincoln Place in Eagan, Minnesota. Lincoln Place is an apartment complex providing supportive housing for young adults ages 18-24. The residents come from a variety of backgrounds but many are transitioning out of the foster care system, are homeless, or are at risk of becoming homeless. In addition to a financial donation, we are encouraging Avionté staff to volunteer at Lincoln Place, by teaching a class, helping refurbish computers and so on. We also created a site at our corporate headquarters highlighting household items that Lincoln Place residents need. Many times residents move into minimally furnished apartments and they are missing many of the very basic items we take for granted.

For February, the remaining funds will be used to help a local teenage boy whose parents moved out of state and left him to fend for himself. We are buying him gas cards, a high school parking permit, and putting money into a school lunch account.

Employees are also given three paid days off a year to volunteer at the charity of their choice. Many of the organizations we support financially are also in need of volunteers,  so we are working on a schedule for Avionté employees. We believe in giving back and are happy to see members of the Avionté team taking time to help others.

We look forward to working with organizations that are helping to make a difference in lives of the people around us and providing them hope for a better future. If you know of an organization, volunteer opportunities or individual circumstances, let us know!

Email us AHF@avionte.com

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