Avionté's Workcamp Week With Habitat for Humanity, 2014

It’s been a week now since nearly 45 of our employees were busy building and painting as part of the Workcamp Week Avionté paticipated in with the Habitat for Humanity Twin Cities chapter. The house we worked on this year was a two-story, four-bedroom house with a basement and detached garage, located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

We had a ton of fun, and learned a lot about not only the Habitat for Humanity organization, but also about the hard work it takes to build a house.

On day one, we got straight to work! A group of Avionté employees got started on measuring and cutting out the pieces needed for the front porch, while others began to lay out the foundation for the garage. A third group got to work inside, painting trim, doors, railings and more.

Habitat_Full2A group of 10-15 employees went out to the site each day as part the company’s Hope Day program, which grants all of its employees three days of PTO each year to volunteer out in the local community through their non-profit arm, the Avionté Hope Foundation (AHF).

A new group of employees arrived at the site each day, and began on projects where the previous groups had left off on. During our Workcamp Week, Avionté employees finished the front porch, finished all of the major painting needed indoors, nearly finished building the entire structure of the garage, and more!

This was the second year Avionté Staffing Software employees participated in the Habitat for Humanity Workcamp Week program. Our site coordinators told our team that the house will soon be home to a family of six, and we can’t wait to see how the house looks when all of the renovations are finished!

It was a great experience, and we hope to continue partnering with Habitat for Humanity to help build houses for families in need for years to come!


“I love volunteering for Habitat. We got to work outside on a couple of beautiful days and put in some good old fashioned elbow grease to help a family in need.” ~ Josh Sayotovich, Support Manager


“It was fun and nice to get out and volunteer … I learned about all the different divisions Habitat has, and also learned how to build a porch/deck and stairs, which will help because I’ll need to build one on my own house!” ~ Chris Kulig, Project Manager


“I worked on cutting out the garage doors, house wrapping and laying the roof trim. It was awesome, hard work, but I enjoyed it! Habitat is a very great program that I didn’t know as much about as I should have.” ~ Dana Senn, Software/Business Analyst


“The experience was great! The onsite crew was very patient and great to work with … I would love to volunteer with Habitat again!” ~ Danielle Gerry, Project Manager


See more photos on the Avionte Facebook page and the Avionte Hope Foundation website.

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