Spend More Time on Income-Generating Aspects of Your Staffing Firm

When you operate a staffing agency, you know your own strengths and weaknesses and those of your team.

To ensure success in the industry, your strongest attributes should be those that produce the most income. Free your time to focus on those revenue-generating activities by developing strategies to offload tasks that slow you down and interfere with your productivity.

So What Can You Outsource Or Automate?

Payroll processing.  Providing checks, paycards or direct deposit for your employees is a time-consuming but easily automated task. Software can make it easier not only to produce checks, but also process unemployment, workers’ compensation claims and handle withholding and reporting.

Online applications.  Today’s staffing software allows applicants to search jobs and apply online. Compiling all applications in one consolidated, easily searched database saves administrative time and minimizes burdensome manual processing. When you only need to give hands-on attention to a few applications, you have more time to spend on more productive tasks.

Contact management. Do you lose track of when you need to follow up with candidates and clients? Clients who slip through the cracks represent a direct loss in revenue. Don’t count on Post-it notes or planners to remind you who to call, let your staffing software remind you. You can also use it to send group emails and create reports that help you to maintain your sales funnel and talent pipeline.

Time tracking. Employees can enter their time wherever they are – even from their mobile devices – for clients to review and approve at their convenience. Clients can download reports, view invoices and submit new job orders with a few clicks, reducing administrative time for both you and the client.

Avionté understands that your time as a staffing owner or decision-maker is limited. We work with staffing and recruiting companies daily on finding and utilizing solutions and tools to help you focus on growing your recruiting firm. If you are interested in learning more about Avionté, or if you are looking for other resources for staffing firms, contact us today!


About Avionté:

When you partner with Avionté, you’ll find that our software can help you to manage all these tasks and much more. Our comprehensive software solutions take care of the administrative details so you can focus on providing outstanding service to your customers. To learn how Avionté Software can free you to focus on what’s important, contact us today.

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