Thanks for a Successful Development Summit!

Avionté experienced another year of record growth last year. We feel we’ve risen to the next level in staffing software and a ton of changes are taking place throughout the company as we set ourselves up for future growth. We’re always striving to make our software product better, which is why we’ve continually upped our investment in R&D. In fact, in 2013 alone, we increased our R&D investment by 78 percent. And this heavy focus on research and development will continue for some time to come.

With this increased investment, we’ve added some key players to our development team, and we recently changed the layout of the team’s workspaces to create a more team-based setup. It’s a formative time for our development team, and we felt these new changes made it a great time to host our first-ever development summit at the Avionté office! Based on the success we’ve had with our Client Connection forum and the great things we’ve gained from it, we wanted to create another avenue for discussion that would focus our development initiatives towards helping our clients better leverage Avionté Staffing Software to improve their business processes.

The summit was held at our office in Eagan from January 22nd to 23rd. For the event, which was planned and hosted by our development team, Avionté invited a group of users from various companies, from all around the country, to provide valuable feedback about the development of our staffing software product. We had two main goals for the summit. Our first goal was to give our clients a better idea of how our development team works on a day-to-day basis. Our second goal was to set up a conduit for some great discussion. We wanted to hear from our clients what they thought, in terms of what would be useful for their staffing company, now and down the line. As our CEO John Long said in his letter to the summit’s attendees, we know that, within specific features and functions, there are often gaps between what developers think is useful and what our end users think. With this summit, our aim was to shorten this gap.

The summit involved various small group discussions, testing exercises, a new feature review and even an Avionté trivia activity! For example, in one session, attendees participated in an exercise called “Prune the Tree” by adding and subtracting leaves to and from the Avionté tree’s four branches. Each branch represented a current development project and the placement of the leaves communicated to us where we should be focusing more and less of our time and resources in the coming months.

Our first development summit was both informative and fun! Thank you to everyone who came to our summit for your great contributions! Another summit is definitely in the works, and we’ll provide more information about as it gets closer.

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