How Staffing Agencies Can Utilize Google for Jobs Listings

by: TCI Business Capital

Google’s mission is “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” and that’s just what they’re trying to do with Google for Jobs.

Google has achieved major milestones in this mission, and continues to make more advanced steps into the future.

On Google, one of the information categories that is most searched worldwide is that concerning the available job opportunities. True to its mission, Google is adapting to optimize this for its users.

What are Google job listings?

It is a search engine under development, meant for increasing the effectiveness of searching jobs online. It will avail all sorts of jobs to the job seekers, from entry level to experienced jobs.

One of the biggest strengths that Google job listings possesses is the ability to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning. These capabilities help the system know what relationships exist between jobs and classify them appropriately, achieving the goal of providing a responsive and simple interface for users.

How can staffing agencies use Google job listings?

Google For Jobs ScreenshotGoogle job listings help in arranging jobs in a categorized and simplified manner, helping staffing agencies to present the job adverts they post on their websites in the best way possible and with relative ease.

This search engine will partner with other networks that help connect job seekers to employers such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Facebook and Monster. This will ensure the existing job searching platforms do not counter Google job listings, but complement it. In their job description posted on Google job listings, the agency’s contact information and website can be listed, which is a good way of marketing themselves as well.

How do staffing agencies appear in Google job listings?

An agency targeting to appear in Google job listings will need to observe several general rules for developing websites in order to make them responsive to this search engine. Search engine optimization will need to be the core characteristic of content posted on these websites in order to reap the full benefits.

Websites that use Schema, a coding that tells Google how to classify information, will yield search results more efficiently than those that do not. Hence, an agency should consider using it in arranging the information in their website.

The speed at which an agency’s website yields search results contributes to Google’s overall ranking of the site.

Penalties will be applied for websites that do not optimize the experience of mobile phone users. The importance of mobile phones in recruitment cannot be overstated, as statistics indicate that the majority of online job seekers use their phones to conduct searches.

Apart from machine learning and artificial intelligence, Google job listings will also heavily rely on keywords. Therefore, it will be critical to ensure that the content of an agency’s website has the most suitable keywords. This refers to the URL, body, heading and title. It will help the search engine to easily determine what is in the content.

Google job listings provides competitive advantage for staffing agencies.

Uncertainty surrounds this feature is going to change the staffing industry. However, predictions are that great competitive advantages will be enjoyed by staffing agencies that swiftly adapt to such technological developments.


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