How to Maximize Your Facebook Business Account for Recruiting

Recruiters use a variety of methods to source new candidates and stay connected with the ones in their pipeline. Everyone is familiar with using LinkedIn for recruiting passive candidates – but not everyone is on LinkedIn. Not to mention, how many times are you sourcing for a forklift operator on LinkedIn? Probably never. With more than 2 billion users on Facebook versus 500 million on LinkedIn, there is a large pool of passive and active candidates on Facebook. How many? Only 36% of active job seekers are on LinkedIn whereas more than 83% of active job seekers use Facebook. Additionally, Facebook has the most evenly distributed gender and age demographics of any social network.

With such a promising group of candidates in one key social media location, you can maximize your recruiting success through Facebook by finding and attracting key talent.

Post or Share Jobs on Facebook

You now have two options to get your jobs seen on Facebook. Most are familiar with the option to share a link to the job posting within a Facebook post. There is now the option to post jobs directly to your Company Page, allowing candidates to quickly apply using their Facebook account. You can also track candidates, add notes, assign a recruiter and respond via Facebook Messenger. Sound familiar? Yes, LinkedIn already has this. Unlike LinkedIn, anyone with a “Page Editor” role has access to your company page and can see the applicants and notes on their account. Plus, with Facebook Jobs, it’s free to post a job. Additionally, you can pay to boost the post for extra views or create targeted ads to ensure you are getting exposure from the right audience.

Posting Jobs on Facebook

Use Facebook to Promote your Hiring Events/Job Fairs

Create an event page on Facebook for your job fairs or other hiring events. Ask your employees to share on their personal accounts to reach a wider audience. If job seekers have attended or shown interest in similar events, yours will pop up in “Events You May Like” or the “Similar to…” sections. Taco Bell has a great example of this on their Company Page.

Taco Bell Careers Event - Facebook Recruiting

Reaching Out to Candidates on Messenger

Gone are the days when you only had two options to reach your candidates; phone call or email. Now we have texting, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Twitter and the list goes on. Everyone has a different preference on how they want to be contacted about job opportunities and what works for one person may not work for the next. With Facebook Messenger, you have another avenue to test out what works for possible candidates.

Use your Company Page to Share Content

Every social channel is different when it comes to sharing content. Unsure which content is best to share on Facebook? By sharing content strategically, you can attract the right types of candidates to your open positions.

Showcase your Company

Post photos of your workplace, job fairs, company events or anything that will give your applicants an idea of what it’s like to work with your company.

Showcase Company - Facebook Recruiting

Spotlight Employees

Showcase your top-performing employees – internally or those you are putting out to work. If you have an employee of the month program, use social media to promote them. Provide testimonials of their success, this not only makes your employees feel appreciated, but in end provides a review to other applicants searching.

Share Tips for Job Seekers

As a recruiter, you become the expert when it comes to looking for a job, building a resume, how to dress for an interview and so on– share those tips with your candidates! This will give you instant credibility and provide value to potential candidates.

Utilize Facebook Live

There are endless options on how to engage with job seekers with Facebook Live. Here are a few ideas:

  • Announce the week’s hot jobs
  • Conduct a live interview with an employee as an Employee Spotlight Series
  • Answer live questions about open positions
  • Share a tip of the week relevant to your job seekers

There is so much more you can do to use Facebook Live and make your agency stand out from the rest to attract the right candidates.

With so many ways to connect with candidates on Facebook, your staffing and recruiting agency should embrace the opportunities available to recruit via this popular social media channel. Whether you start out with publishing jobs, or trying out Facebook Live, there are many ways to maximize your recruiting success.

For more tips on using social media in recruiting. Check out our tip sheet:

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