Increase Staffing Growth Through Account Collaboration

Sales people often have a reputation for being lone wolves, but when it comes to large or complex accounts, it makes sense to work as a team. Collaboration creates a win-win by providing solutions that are in the best interests of your client, staffing firm and sales team members.

Play to strengths. Successful sales results require many different skill sets. Prospecting, account management and finding creative new client solutions or revenue streams take completely different kinds of mindsets. Analyze your team members and discuss their preferences and goals to build a well-rounded account team. Be sure to compensate each of them equitably.

Increase customer satisfaction. With more than one go-to person, clients know that there will always be someone there when they ask a question. And when they see that you have assembled an entire team dedicated to caring for them, they will be further engaged and invested in staying with your firm.

Identify areas for growth. Multiple account team members means multiple sets of eyes on your client account. When a single person isn’t overwhelmed just trying to manage the account, there’s more time for deep strategic conversations with the client, to learn what new initiatives may be pending or what pain points are developing.

Innovate through brainstorming. With multiple sales people familiar with the ins and outs of the account, many people are available to troubleshoot areas of difficulty or come up with better ways to serve the client and offer increased services.

Avoid service gaps. When a client has only one assigned sales rep, he may not get adequate service if his contact is out sick or is on vacation. That gap is often filled via a patchwork of stopgap measures. With a collaborative account team, clients experience no gap in service levels and sales people are able to truly unplug on vacation.

Prevent burnout. Knowing he has a backup who understands the account as well as he does can reduce stress levels on each sales rep. And knowing that the client will be well cared for in his absence can allow him to enjoy a guilt-free vacation.

Streamline administrative tasks. Provide a reliable support team and easy-to-use software so the time your sales team spends on non-revenue-driving activities is minimized. This will increase the job satisfaction of your team, reduce stress and improve customer service.

Looking for ways to improve your sales team’s collaboration? With the help of Avionté Software, you can improve your sales and account management process, enabling you to serve your clients better, drive revenue and increase profitability.

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