Improve Collaboration in your Sales Team

The Importance of Collaboration

Almost 40% of surveyed employees believe people in their organization don’t collaborate enough. In the age of the remote workforce, it’s more important than ever to lean on technology to help your team work together efficiently. Collaboration also boosts employee morale and results. Focusing on your sales team collaboration could be the key to driving better results and increasing employee satisfaction.

How to Increase Sales Team Collaboration

To build collaboration within your sales team, ensure there are not competing priorities and create a structure of mentorship and partnership rather than competition. Instead, create a culture of transparency and honesty. Encourage your team members to ask for help. Cultivating this kind of team culture often comes from the top down.

You can also increase sales team collaboration through tools and technology. A study by Finances Online shows that online collaboration tools scale up productivity by 30%. Online collaboration and digital workplaces became the mainstay in 2020, and that trend is likely to remain. Leveraging digital collaboration tools to help your sales team collaborate will improve employee satisfaction as well as win rates.

Another way to increase collaboration through technology is to use one end-to-end system and integrated technologies. Common technology across teams will greatly improve collaboration and efficiency. A single system of record for all teams allows for improved cross-functional collaboration. Avoid duplicate entry in your workflow whenever possible, because this can lead to mistakes, confusion, and even animosity across disciplines. Having a single, end-to-end enterprise resource management (ERP) system promotes greater visibility and collaboration.

The video below demonstrates how a single end-to-end software can promote collaboration and increase efficiency. Review our posts about sales prospecting and outreach workflows for more staffing sales advice.

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