5 Ways to Motivate Your Staffing Agency’s Sales Team

As a staffing firm, you depend on how motivated your sales team is. You rely on their energy, enthusiasm and attitude in every conversation with prospects. To create an environment where your team is set up for success and motivated requires more than just a plan on paper. But how do you ensure you are setting your team up for success? How do you keep focused on the daily hustle and bustle of a sales environment while also encouraging team members?

It can be challenging to balance the ups and downs of staffing sales, but here are five tips to keep your staffing sales team motivated, on track, and closing deals.

1. Enable your sales team to win

It might seem simple to define the perfect staffing sales process. More conversations, more leads, more conversions, right? Well, those administrative tasks will sneak up on your sales team if you aren’t careful. Be sure you keep non-selling activities to a minimum and enhance efficiency by minimizing administrative tasks. You want to ensure your sales team is focused on calling and pitching to new customers and helping solve their pain points versus spending hours entering new lead information or gathering information for a report.

By doing less administrative tasks, sales teams can then focus on engagement and truly spend the time listening to prospect customer needs and win more accounts. Your staffing software should provide industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) features that make it quick and easy to enter new data, gives sales teams accessibility to information on the go and can easily pull reports without a lot of extra work.

2.  Celebrate small wins

Well it might sound silly, it’s true! Of course everyone is motivated and enjoys praise differently, but you should constantly be looking for ways to uplift and praise your sales team. Small wins are still wins and can lead to great successes. By giving positive feedback on a regular basis, you will be able to constantly motivate your team to stay focused.

Be sure to reward and praise these small wins in front of others. Call out accomplishments in team meetings. Keep track of KPIs and congratulate your team members who meet and exceed their daily or weekly KPIs. This is a great way to not only keep employees motivated, but also happy. And it’s been shown that 60% of workers noted that they’re happier when they see others happy at work.

3. Provide clear communication

With the way the staffing industry is constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up with it all, including keeping up with internal communication. Providing clear communication to your staffing sales team is crucial. First, you need to know and be very clear in the goals you’re setting for your sales team. If you can’t clearly identify what you’re trying to motivate your sales team toward, then you can’t motivate them properly. By clearly communicating goals, objectives and status with your staffing sales team, you can keep everyone on the same page and motivated to meet common goals even in the midst of continuous industry changes.

This also includes being transparent with your sales team. You should be able to comfortably speak about your staffing agency’s sales goals and the overall vision. This should help your team have common ground and something to focus on achieving.

The more transparent you are, the more chances you have to earn the respect of your sales team members and can overall improve team performance.

4.  Focus on key sales activities instead of results

If there is something all staffing sales teams can agree on: it’s stressful to focus on the number of sales on a day-to-day basis. Why? Because most likely these teams are putting in the effort and the daily activities they need to see results, they just don’t always come through at the right time.

To help keep them motivated to find new customers, you can help by honing in on key sales activities. Do role playing exercises and demonstrate where they can improve. Encourage them to keep hitting their daily KPIs.

Help guide them to understand their prospects’ needs and position the sales pitch to speak to that. Offering the right resources can help them focus on the big picture and stay motivated versus getting down by solely focusing on results.

5.  Make every individual feel valued

Staffing sales is high-pressure, which is why there is such a churn-and-burn outlook to the department. Along with constant changes in the industry, the challenges internally can also take a toll on overall employee experience and the work culture. By taking a step back and acknowledging each sales employee, you can help raise morale and continue to push the team in the right direction.

Sales managers should nurture their team’s development with individualized development plans. Make sure you know what motivates each member of your team. What are the person’s professional goals? What do they want to become?


Motivated staffing sales teams work harder and stay longer in a position they love. This will do great things for your agency’s turnover and productivity. By taking an active role in keeping your employees motivated, you can help improve job satisfaction and grow your team.

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