3 Ways To Get Started With Video Marketing In Your Staffing Agency

43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. While your job title might not contain the word “marketer” in it, you are in fact constantly marketing your organization to potential clients and talent. So you are taking on a marketing role each and every day targeting both B2B and B2C audiences. Marketing is a vital part of your role, and the more you can do to attract candidates and enhance relationships with your clients, the more success you will see. With video being on such high demand, it’s time to take advantage of it to help you meet and exceed your recruitment goals.

Sound like a lot to take on? Don’t fret! Here are three ways to get started using video marketing as a part of your recruiting techniques:

1. Take Advantage of Free Video Tools

There are a ton of free video apps out there that provide a variety of ways to shoot, edit and produce videos – both quickly and easily. With the right tool, you can get started shooting and editing videos in no time.

Nutshell Camera

Nutshell Camera is an extremely easy-to-use app where you just snap three pictures, add your captions and choose graphics. Just like that, you have a short video to share on your social channels!


Animoto is another video app that is quick and easy to set up. You can use a drag and drop feature to change the order of video and pictures as well as automatically quiets any background noise.


Filmorago is a video app that provides a lot of great editing features. You can trim the video before adding it, choose from multiple themes and add text animations. The right edits can help you create an enticing video to attract more candidates.

Want to learn about more free video tools? Then download the Free Video Editing Tools to Grow Your Staffing Agency Resources Sheet to get more information on four more free tools and what equipment can help you create engaging videos.




2. Get Creative with Your Video Content

While we encourage you to create more video content, just like with any other content, you shouldn’t produce content just to produce content. We live in a world of content competition – meaning the candidates you are trying to attract to your organization only have so much time and attention for all of the content available to them. So make your content worth it! Make it something they truly want to watch and interact with. Here are a few creative ideas to help you get started:

Liven Up the Application Process

Video can be a great way to add personality to a process that can otherwise be boring and redundant. Give them a compelling pitch as to why they want to work for your staffing organization. Tell them more about the exciting parts of the job they are specifically applying to. There are many ways to incorporate video to liven up this process!

Communicate with Your Talent Community

It’s likely your organization has a talent community/candidate pool that has expressed interest in one or more jobs or just generally working for your team. When a new position opens up, send out an email with a video that includes more information about the role and why they should apply now! Studies show that video in email boosts open rates by 19%, boosts click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.

Create Candidate Testimonials

One of the best ways to get more quality candidates? To hear why they should apply/work for your organization directly from their peers! Candidates will react more favorably to someone in a similar position to them. If you know a candidate who raves about working with you or your organization, ask if they would be willing to do a quick interview with you and give you permission to post it. Focus on asking questions about how easy it is to work with you, the quality of the jobs, etc. Then you can share these testimonials across social media, on your YouTube channel and in email to both active and passive candidates. It would be a great way to share personal content that truly connects with candidates.

Want to learn more? Download the 7 Creative Ways to Use Video in Your Staffing Agency Tip Sheet to get four additional ideas!




3. Optimize Video for Social Media Platforms

Once you start creating videos, it’s crucial to optimize them for search engine optimization (SEO) so people can easily search for and find your content. After creating videos, you should choose to share them on social media channels, including but not limited to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

How to Optimize Your Videos for YouTube

Be sure to title your video with something that is clear and concise. This will help the viewer know what your video is about and make it easier to find. Your video description on YouTube should be just that – descriptive – not just a sales pitch. Ensure to include keywords related to the content as a part of your description. You should also add relevant keyword tags to your videos.

Want to learn more about optimizing video for sharing on Facebook and Twitter? Then download the Best Practices to Optimize Video for Social Media Tip Sheet.




So there you have it! Three ways to get started creating video content right now – to start attracting more quality candidates and helping you grow your business. Download all three pieces of video content to help you get started:

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