B2B Marketing – How to Update Your Firm’s Marketing Strategy

A lot of the easily found marketing advice is focused on direct to consumer models. But as a staffing firm, at least half of your customer base is made up of employers. When marketing to them, you need to focus on a business-to-business model.

Consider these tips to adapt your marketing to the way today’s companies do business.


An up-to-date website is critical to your firm’s success. Be sure it represents you well and is easy to navigate. It has to be more than just an online version of your brochure. It has to be engaging, interactive and mobile optimized. The first step for a candidate or client who is researching your firm is to visit your website.

Content Marketing

Narrowly focus on your most profitable market segments. Content marketing or inbound marketing has proven worthwhile in the past few years. Now it’s time to fine-tune this marketing. You control your content, so focus it on your best customers’ toughest challenges.


By now you probably understand the power of search engine optimization to drive people to your site. Are you doing everything you can to target the right market? Employers look for staffing firms with the knowledge and expertise to resolve their business problems. Working with an SEO expert can pay dividends in the increased revenue accurately targeted SEO can deliver.

Marketing Automation

Spend more time on the right things by automating what you can. That includes marketing and look for technology that will integrate easily into your current systems and processes, and is scalable, easy to upgrade and well supported.


If you are not currently using Customer Relationship Management software, now is the time to start. CRM can allow you to market more effectively by increasing your operational efficiency. It can enable your recruiters to reach a lot of prospects at once and prevent customers from falling through the cracks.

About Avionté:

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