6 Strategies to Streamline Your Staffing Firm’s Marketing

You know that marketing increases awareness among potential clients and candidates and it also helps to drive revenue and growth. But you’re a staffing firm, not a marketing firm so marketing is likely not a high priority.

How can you get the most bang for your marketing buck while keeping it simple?

Be consistent. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of branding, but your website, printed materials and even the way your employees interact with people should be recognizably “you.” If you are updating your marketing materials, change it all at once if you can. When you train your team, be sure they understand how you wish to be represented.

Consider creating videos. You Tube, Skype, Periscope and sites with video options such as SnapChat and Instagram are some of the fasting-growing engagement tools. Task someone in your office with keeping up with these technologies, specifically when it comes to attracting and interacting with candidates.

Make service a priority. Word of mouth is free marketing if you have happy customers. It’s a major detriment if you don’t. Assume that you need the recommendation of each client or candidate you work with. Ask them to assess their experience with you. Encourage satisfied customers to review you online. Address the concerns of unhappy clients or candidates one-on-one. Don’t wait until they post a bad review. Proactive reputation management is smart marketing!

Engage online. Keep up with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms. It’s a great way to share success stories, company news and community participation. Plus, it gives your firm a human face and allows you to engage with clients and candidates in a more informal fashion.

Go mobile. If you have a limited marketing budget (and who doesn’t?) and want to attract candidates, focus on mobile. When it comes to entry-level candidates, more people have smartphones than computers, so you’ll increase your reach. If you’re searching for more established talent, a strong mobile game will still put you on top, because employed professionals usually search on their phones or mobile devices at lunch or when they have downtime.

Focus on what you do best. Don’t hesitate to assign people internally to manage these tasks or to outsource it to a specialized partner. Whether you need a back office staffing solution or someone to handle your social media, there are reputable companies that can handle these details for you so you can focus on getting more done.

About Avionté:

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