5 Ways to Persevere in Your Staffing Sales

Sales can be an uphill battle for any sales team. The staffing industry is even more subject to the ebbs and flows of the economy than most. When the economy is strong, clients think they can go it alone. When it’s weak, they hire less and don’t think they need you.

How can you stay motivated and upbeat in these challenging times?

Work smarter, not harder.

Don’t make more calls; make better calls. Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Rather than powering blindly through a list of numbers, take some time to conduct some quick internet research on each prospect before placing the call. Identify what challenges they are likely to have, and provide some actionable solutions during your initial conversation.

Focus on habit, not motivation.

Build a process that works and go at it every day. Don’t wait for motivation to hit. Follow your process every day, whether you just made a huge sale or are in the midst of a persistent dry spell. Don’t let the first “no” of the day get to you.

Have a goal for each call.

Staffing is not a one-call close. Sometimes, even getting an appointment can be a challenge. Make mini goals like getting a new contact or identifying a pain point that you can target. Anything that moves you forward is worth celebrating.

Count your no’s.

Analyze your previous data to see how many calls you need to make on average before someone will agree to talk with you. It’s an old strategy, but it plays a psychological trick that seems to help veteran sales professionals bounce back from rejection. Consider every no to be one step closer to getting to yes.

Reinvent the wheel.

Keep trying new things. Not only are you going to keep from getting bored, or falling into a rut, you might find something that works. If you’ve been calling, try emailing. If you’ve been emailing, try stopping by. Stay a couple of hours late or come in a couple of hours early to reach the people who are putting in extra time (Maybe because they don’t have enough staff!).

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