Can Marketing & Sales Strategies Help You Smooth out Peaks and Valleys in Your Business?

Staffing firms are far from immune from the ups and downs that befall most businesses. But there are strategies that can make the most of the upswings and weather the downswings. You have two different target markets: clients and candidates. When the economy is weak, businesses look to staffing firms to keep their hiring costs down. When it is strong, they need your help to compete for the best candidates.

By spreading your sales and marketing efforts across clients and candidates, you can increase the likelihood of maintaining enough business to support your firm through any economic ups and downs.

So how can you best achieve this?

Make Social Media a Priority

Social media is one of the best ways to engage with potential candidates. But businesses also look to social media for social proof of the quality and reliability of your organization. Create Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn company identities if you have not already and maintain the accounts. Address any feedback or reviews swiftly and share company developments or news.

Consider Inbound Marketing

What’s that? It’s the practice of giving people a reason to come to you. Newsletters and blogs are examples of inbound marketing. By becoming a resource and showing value to clients and candidates, they will have a reason to visit your site regularly. Ongoing engagement is the key to positioning yourself as a thought leader. When potential clients and candidates consider you the expert in finding jobs or talent, they’ll turn to you first.

Don’t Neglect Existing Clients & Candidates

One of the hottest current trends is re-recruiting. That’s a practice of selling into candidates who are currently on your roster or have been in the past. They already know you, so you don’t have to work to establish trust. The same goes for your client base. If you have already given them great results, there is no reason for them not to continue to work with them.

The key is to look for new ways to market your services to them. If you typically provide temporary services to them, discuss your recruiting options. If they have primarily used you for technical staffing, work to attain their administrative staffing requests.

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