Tip of the Week: Help us Help You!

The Avionte Support Center not only includes three great ways to use the Knowledge Base, it also gives you the opportunity to help us add content.

Search the Knowledge Base

  1. Select one of the categories to browse
  2. Type in a keyword to search
  3. Submit a ticket and view answer suggestions


Suppose you have received an error when parsing a resume and (in this example) you have decided to submit a Support Center ticket. Understandably, you would like an answer sooner rather than later.

  1. Type your issue in the Subject field. As you type, suggested articles are listed.
  2. Before submitting the ticket, check out the article(s) that looks like the best fit.2
  3. Hooray! The article answered your question on the spot! You don’t need to complete the ticket or wait for a response. How cool is that? You can also locate articles using the browse or search functionality. Add a comment or offer a suggestion in the field following each article.3

Help us help you! Your comments and suggestions help the Avionté technical team to continually improve the Knowledge Base. Tell us how we can help increase your staffing software knowledge!

Visit the Avionté Knowledge Base Features page for additional details about the site.

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