3 Ways Mobile Can Make Your Staffing Team More Efficient

People are looking for jobs on their mobile phones. Lots of people. In fact, 65% of people use their mobile devices to search for jobs. Additionally, 78% of people would apply to a job via a mobile device if the process was simplified.

Your team might be aware of the importance of mobile-friendly apply processes, but what about the importance of being able to utilize mobile-friendly apps and software to optimize your own productivity and workflows?

By taking advantage of software and apps out there, your team can keep in touch to improve productivity throughout your organization. Whether at the office, out on customer visits, commuting on public transportation or at home – there are many ways your team can use their devices to keep everyone at your organization on the same page with updates and progress, as well as make everyone on your team more efficient.

Use Organizational Apps

This one probably goes without saying, but to be as efficient as possible, you need to take advantage of organizational apps available on both Apple and Android devices. From apps that help you organize your lists to apps that can help you capture contact information from business cards, there are plenty of useful organizational apps for recruiters, sales and operations.

Here are a couple apps that can help you maximize your daily productivity on the go:


This is an amazing app that basically uploads information from a business card and imports it to your phone as contacts. While you obviously want to keep track of your contacts in your system, this is a great way to immediately get information into a digital format when you are out and about on customer visitors or meeting talent in person and are handed a business card. You’ll never have to worry about misplacing a business card again! Not to mention, it will help you keep an organized list of your business cards for the future.


Feedly is an app that will help you stay informed on relevant news in the staffing industry by creating a feed full of relevant recruiting news stories and blog posts. Additionally, you can easily tap into the candidate pool that is active on social media. 73% of 18 to 34 year olds found their last job through a social network, so it’s vital you have a presence on social media. You can easily save and share searches as well as search social networks by job title and location all in one place to have a continuous way to keep up with active job seekers on social.

Log Messages, Add Companies/Contacts and Keep Track of Information on the Go

As mentioned before, it’s vital to be able to take notes and keep track of information on the go. It’s even more vital you can access your system with contact and company information no matter what device you’re on.

Can you access your system of candidates on the go? Are you able to keep track of conversations and messages all in one place? Can you add, edit or delete contact/company information? Whether you’re a recruiter, in sales or operations – keeping track of contact information and having the ability to look at conversation history is important.

If you’re in sales, it can prepare you for the next meeting you have with a prospective client. If you’re a recruiter, you can take a quick look at the notes from your last call so you know what questions to ask next in order to qualify them. If you’re a manager, you can keep track of important conversations happening at all ends of your business – between sales and customers as well as between recruiters and talent. This helps ensure your entire team is on the same page and can help improve your internal communication.

Connect with Talent Anytime, Anywhere on Your Phone

While it would be nice to have all the time in the world while in the office to follow up with and connect with talent as a recruiter, it’s hard to balance your time and get everything done while you’re in the office. Time management is vital, but difficult when you’re constantly being pulled in multiple directions, which is why it’s nice to have access to what you need when you’re at home, on the road or out of the office for a work event.

Being able to access your talent records and information from your mobile device means you can easily follow up via email, a phone call or logging a message and remind yourself to call them the next day. By having these conversations and being able to quickly pull up talent information, you can be as efficient as possible when working on filling an order. This on-the-go mobility ensures your maximizing your time and being productive as possible.

So there you have it! Three ways to use mobile to be more efficient as a staffing organization. If you want to learn more about how Avionté can help you be more productive as a team, then contact us to learn more!


About Avionté:

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