10 Things That Will Make Your Recruiting Team Better

When recruiters perform at their peak, it’s better for everyone. They earn more income, which keeps them happy. They are better able to identify and attract top talent which is good for your clients and they make a better client/candidate match which is better for both of them, all of which brings you more business and revenue.

No matter how successful your recruiters are, there is always room for improvement.

Here are 10 ways to improve your recruiting team:

Commit to communication. Stay in close touch with candidates. Consider having a blitz day where the whole team touches base with as many candidates as possible. It prevents solid candidates from slipping through the cracks and going elsewhere.

Leverage technology. Let your ATS do the heavy lifting of sorting and categorizing candidate applications and profiles. Use your CRM to track contacts and schedule calls and emails. Take advantage of time-saving apps to improve recruiter efficiency.

Pre-recruit. You know what employers in your area or industry are looking for. Keep your eyes open for talent all the time so you’ll be ready when the right opportunity comes along.

Improve writing skills. Every recruiter should be able to craft a killer cover letter and an attention-grabbing resume. If they can take the basic data presented in a candidate resume and make it into something wonderful, they’ll earn the gratitude of both candidates and clients.

Share your expertise. Write and share blogs, engage on social media. Candidates and clients will reach out to you if they consider you a thought leader in your industry or market.

Be an awesome interviewer. Don’t stop at standard questions. Encourage your recruiters to probe and follow up so they really get to know candidates. It’s the only way to have a great fit.

Track metrics that make sense. The way to drive the right behaviors is to track and reward them. Analyze what your best people are doing. Are you trying to push for 30 calls a day when your strongest recruiter is only making ten?

Assess and adjust your processes. Constantly rethink your processes. Don’t do things because you’ve always done it that way.

Take great notes. Write a debrief after every candidate interview so you don’t lose track of anything you learned. We all think we’re going to remember everything, but we never do. Your notes will help you when it’s time to make a hiring decision.

Encourage creativity. The best ideas can come from unexpected places. Listen to what your employees have to say. They may have innovative ideas you haven’t heard of that improve the team’s performance.

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