Most Job Board Postings Fail

Most Job Board Postings Don’t Have a Prayer

“Take the extra time to architect and build a thoughtful, replicable job description and job board posting methodology, one that gets prospects excited and differentiates your organization.

It’s well worth the investment of time and energy.”


Why Postings Fail

The article, ‘Why Most Job Board Postings Don’t Have a Prayer’ by Paul Siker, stresses the importance of creating job descriptions that are exciting; ones that really capture the responsibilities and convey them in a way that will resonate to your ideal candidate. You need to bring together a job and company description that is unique from the thousands of others that match your future employee’s experience.


The Problem

The problem is simple: job postings fail to resonate with candidates. In a sea of thousands of job postings, across dozens of job boards, using a vanilla description is as about as beneficial as not posting one at all.


More than ¾ of all posted job descriptions are written by the Human Resources Department. This is inadequate because HR has only a vague understanding of the position and an inability to properly convey the requirements to prospective candidates.

The Solution

The only one who can really capture the nuances of the position and attract candidates is the person who looking for the new team member. The department lead, not Human Resources, needs to write the job description. Period. This is because they have a deep understanding about the opportunity and the insight necessary to create a posting that will capture the attention of their future team member.


Once the job specifications have been compiled by the expert, let HR take it from here, and watch the best talent roll in.

About Paul Siker

With over 25 years of talent acquisition experience, Paul Siker is the founder and CEO of Advanced Recruiting Trends, a recruitment training and talent acquisition consulting firm. He is also managing partner of The Artisan Group, an executive search and staff augmentation firm.

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