Must-Have Tech Features for Seamless Sales Outreach

The Importance of Outreach

On average, a salesperson spends only 36% of their time actually selling. However, it has been consistently proven that persistent communication and outreach is necessary to cultivate relationships and make connections with prospective customers. In order to maximize your sales team’s time, use technology to enable them to be more efficient with their outreach.

Simplify your Sales Outreach Workflow

Technology solutions on the market today can significantly increase efficiency in your outreach workflow. Here are a few steps in your sales outreach that can enhance your outreach efficiency:

  1. Building call lists. The first step in your outreach workflow is determining who to contact. Your software should contain features that enable your sales team to quickly determine who has not been contacted recently. This may come in the form of color coded labels, time-stamped activity logs, or targeted search capabilities. Your salespeople should be able to run a search or report based on “last contacted” parameters to generate a call list.
  2. Click-to-dial. Life is too short for copy/pasting or manually dialing phone numbers! Any CRM worth your time in today’s world should have a click-to-dial option to click on a contact’s phone number to make a phone call immediately. Ideally, this will be available without leaving the search screen or call list report.
  3. Embedded email and text messaging. Outreach is only as effective as your ability to actually reach your contacts! In today’s world, prospects are much more likely to read a text or email over answering a cold call. Meet your prospects where they’re at by communicating in their preferred methods. Leverage an email and text messaging system that integrates directly into your CRM to make outreach completely seamless.
  4. Mass email with dynamic merge fields. Dynamic or merge fields are pieces of information that can be automatically filled from an email recipient’s profile. These merge fields make personalizing your email outreach a breeze! You can craft a mass email for multiple contacts at once while maintaining personal touches to capture your recipients’ attention. Dynamic email fields are a must for efficient and effective email outreach.

Need a solution that captures all of these features and more? Avionté’s staffing CRM is built with the busy staffing salesperson in mind. The video below demonstrates how a single end-to-end software can promote collaboration and increase efficiency. Review our posts about sales prospecting and sales team collaboration for more staffing sales advice.

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