How to Increase Candidate Response Rates

As the economy improves, it gets harder than ever to get good candidates to apply. Some may not even respond to your attempts to follow up after they apply.

So, what can staffing firms do to improve response rates and keep their candidate pipelines full?

Reduce abandon rates. Start at the beginning. Are candidates getting through your entire application? If not, why? Are they all abandoning the app in the same place? Is it too long or detailed for an initial screening? Is it impossible to complete on a mobile device? Make sure you have chosen the ATS that best suits your business.

Improve your “Thank You.” An automated thank-you response is expected, but why be boring? While you may not be able to personalize the thank you to each and every applicant, you can make your messaging unique to your firm. This will engage candidates, give them a taste of your company culture and start your relationship off on the right foot.

Don’t stop with one email. Send multiple, timed emails. Automate them so that each is a little different, because you don’t know what is going to attract a specific individual. Try very early morning or late at night, and make sure your email is optimized for mobile phones.

Use compelling subject lines. People get many emails each day, particularly people who are actively searching for a new job. Get creative with subject lines. Include their name or maybe something humorous. Anything that’s really going to say OPEN ME and I’M NOT SPAM.

Mix up your communication media. Don’t rely entirely on email. Pick up the phone within 24 hours of receiving an application. Texting is increasingly accepted as a method of communicating with applicants as well. Be sure that your application contains a place for them to opt in. Texts get read most of the time and usually get the quickest responses.

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