10 TED Talks to Take Your Staffing Firm Learning to the Next Level

For many, time for staffing firm learning is on an as time allows basis.

But, your staffing firm might experience a slight lull in job orders during the summer as clients focus on other business efforts or encounter slow seasons themselves.

If yours is one of them, take advantage of any available downtime to continue your (and your team’s!) education.

Check out these videos we compiled below. They will help your firm recruit and place top talent, increase productivity, boost profitability and help prepare for the future.

  1. Regina Hartley on Hiring. What do you focus on when you’re interviewing? Chances are the first thing you look for is a top-notch resume. But sometimes you need to look behind that page or two of info to find candidates who will make the biggest impact on your organization. Check out this talk from Regina Hartley: Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume.
  2. Sheena Iyengar on Decision-Making. You have to make a lot of decisions in the staffing industry – important ones, every day. Decisions that make an impact on your clients’ business, your candidates’ careers and your bottom line. Consider Sheena Iyengar’s thoughts on how to make choosing easier when you are overwhelmed.
  3. Kathryn Schulz on Making Mistakes. Bad hiring decisions are the bane of every recruiter’s existence. In this talk, Kathryn Schulz discusses the importance of admitting when you are wrong, minimizing the damage caused and bouncing back after a tough loss.
  4. Pamela Meyer on Deception. Think you know when candidates are being honest – and when they are not? This talk on how to spot a liar may make you question that ability. Learn the tricks professionals use when trying to detect dishonesty in an interaction.
  5. Verna Myers on Overcoming Bias. Most recruiters do their best to avoid bias in selecting candidates. But you may have subconscious attitudes you are completely unaware of. Learn how to confront these biases and view candidates and clients more neutrally.
  6. Scott Dinsmore on Loving your job. Evaluating your own career decisions or trying to determine if a candidate is the right fit? This talk on finding the work you love could will help you make better matches and increase job satisfaction. Happy workers make for happy clients!
  7. Rainer Strack on the Workforce Crisis of 2030. When you’re in the weeds, just trying to get through each day, it’s tough to take time to look ahead – especially WAY ahead. This talk on what the workforce will look like in 2030 is a must-watch for any staffing firm.
  8. Margaret Heffernan on Building High-Achieving Teams. Is your firm stuck in the old top-down management style? You may be missing out on some great ideas from every level of your firm. This talk from Margaret Heffernan can help increase both creativity and productivity and it’s pretty painless.
  9. Yves Morieux on Getting More Done. Does it ever seem that you spend more time keeping up with the rules of your workplace than you do on your actual work? This talk from Yves Morieux discusses how rules, processes and metrics can keep you from doing our best on the job.
  10. Arianna Huffington on the Importance of Sleep. When you’re working at full speed, trying to get more done, sleep may be the last thing on your mind. This talk from a presenter who learned the hard way may just convince you to make more time for the restorative power of sleep.

Use this summer to improve your staffing industry skills! Take classes, read books or better still, watch a few YouTube videos appropriate to the staffing industry.

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