Leaving Tools on the Table: How to Get Your Staff to Take Advantage of Your ATS’s Full Potential

Sometimes, after selecting an applicant tracking system based on its robust feature set, it can be difficult to get your team to adopt all of the benefits it has to offer because people get used to doing things a certain way and it can be hard to convince them to try new ideas.

But by demonstrating how the features of your ATS will make their jobs easier once they adjust to it, you can make evangelists out of even the most reluctant employee.

Offer online and hands-on training, or consider enlisting an employee who is a comfortable early adopter to try the program out first and share the benefits with his fellow employees.

Typically the biggest gains are seen in:

Improved time management. With an integrated task list and appointment calendar, employees can see at a glance what activities they have on schedule for the day. They can easily plan revenue generating activities such as calls and follow-up emails around scheduled appointments.

Efficient resume screening. Resume parsing features allow you to screen a larger volume of resumes faster so you can focus your time and attention on those most suitable for you or your clients. You spend less time on candidates who don’t meet your qualifications and have more time to devote to in-depth screening of the best prospects.

Tighter sales pipeline management. Applicant Tracking Systems allow users to manage where each prospect is in the sales pipeline. Track which clients and candidates you talk to and when, so that your pipeline remains full, ensuring that you reach your sales and performance goals.

Streamlined communications. By integrating with Microsoft Outlook, users can manage and send email, attach documents, automatically attach emails as messages and more, without leaving the ATS. You can also access your Outlook tasks and calendar tools to efficiently manage your busy staffing schedule.

Online time tracking. Web-based time clock solutions ensure efficient, reliable and accurate time collection – speeding your processes and reducing the risk of manual errors. Employees and clients can easily enter and approve their time online, freeing you to work on more productive activities.

At Avionté, we provide solutions that increase the efficiency of your staffing firm, improve the quality of the talent you attract and streamline the entire hiring process. Our 10-minute philosophy means that within minutes, a user can not only navigate throughout the Avionté staffing software system, but use it effectively. Contact us today to get started.

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