Is it Time to Reset Your “Default” Recruiting Practices?

Is your recruiting practice on autopilot? Have you gotten so good at what you do that you’ve forgotten you might need to revisit your recruiting processes? It’s essential to your business that you keep up with the latest business developments and best practices.

Let’s evaluate.

Are you making these old-school mistakes?

Depending on cold calling. Smile and dial right? It’s not just a numbers game anymore. Companies have gotten busier and smarter. They are less likely to take calls from someone they don’t know. You need to do a lot more research to grab their attention and interest.

Taking candidates for granted. It’s a job-seekers market right now. Make your application, interview and screening process simple and keep candidates informed every step of the way so they always know where they stand. If you don’t, you’ll lose the best people to a competitor.

Failing to dig deep into client needs. Just taking orders will get you some business, but not enough to sustain and grow your company for the long haul. It’s important to understand what problems you are solving when you fill a position. Are they having trouble keeping up with growth? Having retention issues? Don’t have time to properly source talent? These are the things you must find out to serve your clients best.

So, what’s next?

Refine Your Process With New Ideas.

Arm yourself with data. Big data has had a significant impact on how hiring is done. Use information to your advantage to know what markets and clients to target, how to identify the strongest candidates and make the most accurate matches.

Leverage technology. Engage through social media to add a more human touch to your recruiting efforts. Be sure your website and job boards are mobile optimized. Add video to your site or interviewing process.

Shift your practice depending on the economy. Sometimes you need to be client centric, other times you need to focus on candidates. Flexibility is key. Don’t get so invested in processes that work well in a strong economy that you aren’t ready to adapt when the market changes.

About Avionté:

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