Step By Step: How Our Open API Certified Integration Process Streamlines Your Integrations for Guaranteed Success

This Post is Part 7 of the Avionté+ API Series

Unlocking the true potential of your recruitment agency hinges on smart technology choices that drive ROI and streamline operations. Imagine a seamless integration where key capabilities effortlessly enhance your system, eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple platforms. Open API integrations offer this and more, enabling your agency to stand out in a competitive market while delivering unparalleled value. By leveraging these integrations, you empower your team to focus on what they do best, free from the intricacies of managing disparate systems. 

And while speed is important, it must be paired with quality. A secure, simple, and transparent process ensures integrations can be executed swiftly and effectively with all expectations being clearly defined. Having the right steps matters when it comes to selecting software, which is why the Avionté+ Certified Integration program was created – to ensure every integration into our ATS is thoroughly vetted for security, scalability, and expected value. 

To highlight the repercussions when proper steps are not followed, one Avionté customer signed up with a third-party service without knowing that Avionté had an integration process to follow. This customer simply took their 3rd party integrator’s “word for it” that they could “integrate with anyone,” and assumed everything would work seamlessly. Unfortunately, after signing a two-year software and professional services contract, they discovered the partner didn’t have the technological resources available to dedicate to the integration with Avionté’s core ATS system. And following a year of expenses, they didn’t achieve their desired results, wasting valuable time and money! This highlights the importance of verifying a technology’s integration capability BEFORE signing any agreements. 

So, what does a successful integration process look like? Here is an example: One Avionté customer successfully completed our program by integrating with an AI-led recruitment marketing platform. This integration allowed them to improve funnel tracking, stage configuration, and progress monitoring using a unified analytics platform. They could analyze application costs, track conversion and drop rates, and pinpoint where candidates were falling off. This optimization enhanced their hiring process, attracted more talent, and increased pipeline efficiency. But, most importantly, by following our process, they achieved live integration within just eight weeks of initial contact! 

Ready to kickstart your journey? With our Certified Integration program, simply have your third-party integrator fill out the form at the bottom of the page at avionté.com/integrations. Or reach out to your account manager to get started today! 

And for a deeper dive into our Certified Integration program, check out our video featuring Scott Poeschl, VP of Avionté+, as he outlines the basic steps to navigate our program and swiftly reap the benefits.  

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