“Today is a Celebration”: Avionte’s Year-End Meeting

Every year, Avionté plans a company-wide meeting at the office in early January to celebrate the year’s successes. Avionté held this year’s all-company meeting at the Eagan office on Friday, January 9, 2015.

With another record-breaking year of fast growth, Avionté’s staff has many reasons to celebrate. Avionte’s fast revenue growth landed the company on multiple award lists in 2014, including the Inc 5000 and the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s Fast 50 list.

Avionte’s CEO John Long kicked off this year’s meeting, addressing the room’s nearly 90 employees.

“It’s been a great year,” Long said. “Today is a celebration of what you accomplished in 2014.”
Fast growth was a topic at last year’s year-end meeting, too. In 2013, Avionté reported a 36 percent revenue growth, making it the eighth consecutive year that Avionté reported a revenue growth of over 35 percent.

DSCN0370_But while the company had another year of rapid growth and experienced many exciting changes over the past year, John reminded employees that Avionté’s annual year-end meetings aren’t just held to talk about the year’s successes. The meetings also provide a great opportunity for employees to come together to discuss current challenges, and to create goals and strategies that can lead to even faster growth in the coming year.DSCN0337_

“I want to make sure we’re constantly improving,” Long said. “As we progress into 2015, I want you guys to continue to ask the question: what can we do better?”

So after each department manager presented on their team’s highlights and challenges over the past year, Avionté employees split up into groups based on their departments, and spent the remainder of the day in breakout sessions to talk goal setting, metric measuring, and more.

It was a great day, and a great way to welcome 2015. The next evening, spouses joined Avionté employees for a fun-filled, country-themed year-end party at the Green Acres Event Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.



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