Top 3 Recruiting Trends for Staffing Success in 2019

The staffing and recruiting industry is changing so quickly. If you’re not keeping up with the latest industry developments, you’re missing key opportunities to advance your business.

Here’s what’s trending and how you could implement them into your staffing firm.

1. Interviewing via Texting – Looking for ways to work faster and hire better in this candidate-led market? Texting interviews are the latest trend. Skip the game of phone tag and try texting instead.

Benefits include:

  • Being able to connect with multiple candidates at the same time
  • Giving candidates more options, including the option to text versus a phone call, especially if they are currently working
  • Allowing a more personalized conversation with each candidate
  • Helping recruiters find the most qualified candidates for the role

Bonus: Technology isn’t just a trend, it’s a way to revolutionize the way you run your staffing and recruiting agency! Check out how staying up-to-date with technology through our software helps our clients stay relevant and improve the candidate experience!

“Finding the right candidates is always a big challenge. With Avionté, they see us as a firm that is current and relevant to today’s times.”

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – AI is another trend that has seen a spike in popularity. Using a chatbot could be an easy way to incorporate AI into your process to improve the experiences of both candidates and recruiters.

Chatbots for Recruiting – Using a chatbot on your website to handle general questions such as do you have any openings, do you offer a 401K, etc., to help reduce application questions and pre-qualify candidates could free up recruiter’s time significantly, helping them focus on filling roles. In addition, you could use chatbots for gathering feedback on the recruiting and onboarding process by having it ask a simple question such as, “How was your experience?” or “How likely are you to refer a friend?”.

3. Facebook Recruiting – Everyone is familiar with using LinkedIn for recruiting passive candidates – but not everyone is on LinkedIn. With more than 2 billion users on Facebook versus 500 million on LinkedIn, there is a large pool of passive and active candidates on Facebook. In fact, 83% of active job seekers use Facebook. Additionally, Facebook has the most evenly distributed gender and age demographics of any social network. In addition to posting jobs or content on your company Facebook page, you can reach people by messenger, promote job fair and hiring events. Check out more ways to Maximize Your Facebook Business Account for Recruiting.

According to TimeDoctor, some trends that have proven successful for recruiting are:

    • Live Streaming – Live streaming enables audience participation, giving you a chance to hold Q&A sessions or give candidates a quick glance at your staffing agency’s culture. It’s a fun and unique way to make a connection with your audience.
    • Hashtags – Hashtags may not be new, but using them for recruiting is becoming more common. They increase the scope of your message but first identify which hashtags job seekers follow. Consider some generic hashtags and then narrow down to include an industry-specific hashtag. Hashtags also allow your posts to be searchable and you can be part of the conversation. For example, you could start including #jobopportunity in your related social posts.

While not everything makes sense for your business, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the potential value of each trend. What provided ROI yesterday won’t provide the same ROI tomorrow, which is why you should constantly evaluate your staffing strategy.

Even though staying relevant and following the latest trends in staffing is important, don’t forget about the tried and true proven methods that have been driving results for staffing firms for years. Check out the proven methods in the Top Recruiting Trends and Methods for Staffing Success eBook.

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