Our Top Staffing Resources of 2019 (Blogs, Videos and Downloads)

When you’re going full force into 2020, it’s hard to reflect on what you missed in 2019. For this reason, we thought it would be helpful and fun to reflect on all of the top resources Avionté produced in 2019.

From recruiting tips & tricks to staffing trends and everything in between, enjoy these 2019 resources throwbacks!



Cyber Security Tips (Staffing Edition)

With hackers attacking every 39 seconds, it’s never been more imperative to take preventative steps to protect your staffing firm from cyber attacks. This download contains a collection of tips that were gathered from cyber security experts to help staffing firms specifically defend their businesses against cyber attacks.

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6 Do’s and Don’t of Social Media Recruiting

Social media was, still is and will be for a long time, a game-changer in the way people interact with one another. The staffing and recruiting industry is no different, recruiters rely heavily on social media platforms to find, vet and interact with candidates. If done correctly, social media can be one of your most powerful tools. This is your guide to using the most efficient social media strategies and avoiding the damaging ones.

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Staffing’s Greatest Challenges Report

We surveyed over 450 staffing professionals from all corners of the industry to discover precisely what the biggest challenges they are facing in their businesses today. This report unveils what’s been keeping staffing execs up at night to the everyday obstacles that impact the entire organization.

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The Positive Impact of Social Responsibility & How to Engage Your Company

Social responsibility does more than just have a positive impact on the world, it’s actually really good for business, both financially and morally! This download contains realistic steps to create and maintain an exceptional social responsibility program.

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Introducing AviontéBOLD

July of 2019 will go down as one of the biggest months of Avionté history with the introduction of the staffing industry’s most comprehensive front and back office solution, AviontéBOLD. Check out the kickoff video that first aired at CONNECT 2019.


A Bold Vision for Avionté Staffing Software – AviontéBOLD

Get a quick look into how AviontéBOLD was received at CONNECT 2019


7 Practical Tips to Streamline the Candidate Application Process

The longer it takes candidates to get through the application process, the higher the chance of them bouncing. This video contains 7 practical tips to help streamline the candidate application process.



Avionté Makes Inc. 5000 List for 8th Time!

This 30-second video showcases Avionté staff celebrating making the Inc. 5000 list of fasting-growing private companies for the 8th consecutive year with a BBQ.




6 Top Recruiting Tips for Daily Use

While there’s no exact formula on how to be a good staffing recruiter, there’s a lot of tips and tricks to help stand out from the competition.  

This blog post contains a handpicked collection of some of the best recruiting tips gathered from all corners of the industry. Here you’ll find tactics as well as unique strategies used by recruiting veterans and novices alike.   

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10th Annual Avionté CONNECT Staffing & Recruiting User Conference Day One Recap

Over 450 staffing professionals gathered for two days of learning, networking and fun in August of 2019 for the 10th annual CONNECT staffing & recruiting user conference. From the release of AviotéBOLD to the epic networking events, check out this quick recap of day one at CONNECT.

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6 Free Tools to Help With Your Recruitment Marketing

Love it or hate it, marketing is one of the core functions of every staffing and recruitment firm but it’s often the department with the least amount of dedicated resources. 

When you’re short on budget, staff or resources, your options for expensive marketing tools are thin. The good news? There are quite a bit of awesome and free marketing tools. Here’s our list of six powerful (and free) recruitment marketing tools that you can start using today to help your business grow.  

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8 Tips to Improve Candidate Engagement

Let’s face the facts, the unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in decadescreating a very tight talent market that over 20,000 staffing & recruiting firms (among others) are competing for. 

So how does the lone staffing firm truly stand out?  

Listed below are eight, hand-selected tips to improve candidate engagement (from marketing to application).

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We hope these resources help propel your staffing firm to new heights in 2020 and beyond! For more downloadable goodies, be sure to visit our resource section on our website.


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