How Talent Enablement Technology Can Transform The Candidate Experience

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According to data provided from Avionté, an industry-leading provider of software solutions for staffing companies, it is estimated that fewer than one in five staffing companies leverage talent enablement technology today. And according to LinkedIn, 38 percent of talent acquisition leaders would invest in candidate experience if money wasn’t an issue.

A positive candidate experience is necessary in order for staffing companies to maintain a solid reputation and effectively recruit talent. That means it is imperative that firms invest in talent enablement technology that is not just affordable and accessible – but also achieves the goal of transforming the candidate experience.

What Job Seekers Dislike About Their Journey

A survey of job seekers found the top causes of a bad candidate experience include:

  • Unclear application instructions
  • Extremely long application
  • Minimal job description
  • No confirmation email
  • No notice when the position is filled
  • Unable to contact a recruiter

So what are the key elements that make for a great hiring experience?

  • Personalized communication
  • Simple application process
  • Notifications of relevant opportunities
  • Electronic onboarding
  • Self scheduling
  • Ongoing Status updates
  • Mobile accessibility to everything they need

Anyone who has been in the staffing business for more than five minutes won’t find this survey to be particularly groundbreaking, but it is time to sit up and listen. Given the level of competition in the market, staffing agencies can no longer afford to ignore the clear demands of candidates.

While staffing companies have always experienced challenges when it comes to finding, engaging and retaining great employees no matter the state of the job market, in a post-COVID world, job seeker behavior has been altered – likely permanently. That means companies must find new and better ways to differentiate themselves and provide a positive candidate experience from end-to-end (and on through redeployment).

What Is Talent Enablement Technology?

Candidates today want to be informed at every step of their journey, but they also want some level of autonomy and control. On top of that, they still want interaction with a recruiter but they don’t necessarily want face-to face interaction. These seem like conflicting priorities, and they are -which is where technology makes the difference. The right mobile technology for candidates allows job seekers to achieve a level of self-service while also ensuring they feel seen and heard.

Effective talent enablement technology allows staffing companies to integrate their tech with mobile apps and empowers candidates to feel like they are owning their experience – all while simultaneously allowing recruiters to drive engagement more effectively. When leveraged strategically, talent enablement tech provides companies with the right candidates, candidates the right opportunities, and agencies the ability to facilitate the growth of both.

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Why Should Your Staffing Company Invest in Talent Enablement Technology? 

Talent enablement technology is the tool that allows staffing companies to achieve those goals efficiently and effectively, providing the means to create a personalized experience that keeps great candidates engaged through every step of the process.

One of the most effective ways that talent enablement technology improves the candidate experience is by offering an integrated, single-platform experience that builds a bridge between the staffing company and its talent. When a CRM, ATS and a candidate mobile application work together, efficiencies improve, but so does the experience for the job seekers.

The candidate journey is a series of steps; and at each step, there is a chance for the job seeker to disengage and fall off completely. Seamless and user-friendly talent enablement technology ensures candidates feel seen and heard at each step, keeping them engaged and interested – even if a specific job ends up not being the right fit.

A positive onboarding experience makes a candidate more likely to accept a job offer and increases retention. Additionally, the survey found that when job seekers had a bad candidate experience, 42 percent said they would never apply to that company again and 22 percent said they would tell other candidates not to work at that company. Furthermore, 72 percent of job seekers with a poor candidate experience shared that experience with someone directly or online.

When skilled, reliable talent is at a premium, staffing companies need every advantage to retain great people when they find them.

Talent Enablement Technology is Available For All Staffing Companies Today

Your staffing company can access talent enablement technology today from an industry-leading source: Avionté.  With Avionté 24/7, staffing companies can leverage mobile talent enablement tech that is powered by WorkN technology.

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Avionté’s technology is accessible to staffing agencies of all sizes, giving SMBs and growing companies access to the same technologies that were once only available to enterprises. Avionté 24/7 is talent enablement technology that offers a comprehensive mobile experience throughout every stage of the candidate journey, vastly improving candidate experience.

Avionté’s 24/7 platform isn’t just about improving candidate experience – it is also about boosting internal productivity. It also increases recruiter productivity, boosts the satisfaction rates of temporary and contract workers and increases redeployment rates.

Talent Enablement Technology is Accessible to Staffing Companies of All Sizes 

Avionté 24/7 does, in fact, level the playing field for staffing companies. This innovative technology allows staffing companies to provide a highly sophisticated candidate experience without breaking the budget.  Available on iOS and Android devices, Avionté 24/7 is designed to use AviontéBOLD’s database and system of record and provides:

  • Simple, efficiency talent enrollment
  • Algorithmic job distribution that ensures relevant opportunities are delivered to the right associates and candidates
  • Real-time push notifications of new job opportunities
  • Mobile timekeeping with bi-directional performance ratings and geo-fencing
  • Access to payday information
  • The option to upgrade to a white-labeled mobile offering as your staffing company grows

“Early adopters of candidate experience technology in staffing have achieved dramatic improvements in profitability, growth, and employee satisfaction. Avionté 24/7 delivers a streamlined mobile candidate experience, allowing firms to improve response rates, reduce no-shows, drive higher retention rates, increase referrals, and boost re-engagement. The integration with AviontéBOLD minimizes change management, allowing the recruiter to continue to work out of the ATS. The skills matching and real-time algorithmic distribution of jobs boosts recruiter productivity, providing the opportunity to focus on high value activities. Today’s talent expects a seamless, frictionless experience. Firms that are easy to do business with and are focused on improving the customer experience will have an edge.”
– Ericka Hyson, President of WorkN, a division of Avionté

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Candidate Experience With Talent Enablement Technology?

Avionté, an industry leader  in enterprise staffing and recruiting software solutions, provides innovative, end-to-end technology solutions to staffing companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Avionté’s platform is ideal for clerical, light industrial, healthcare, IT, and professional staffing firms, allowing them to maximize profits and boost productivity.

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