Same amazing software with endless possibilities.

Powerful Front Office Technology Meets Robust Back Office Software

AviontéBOLD combines front office and back office efforts into a single software platform, allowing for better communication, deeper insights, and improved service for your customers and clients.

The result? The industry’s most comprehensive staffing software solution – and one we strive to make the ideal ATS for staffing agencies.

Avionte Bold

The Perfect Amount of Everything.

AviontéBOLD is a CRM, ATS, payroll & billing platform, advanced sourcing tool, and job board integration software – all rolled into a single, easy-to-use system.

From recruiting to payroll, AviontéBOLD is built to conquer staffing’s top challenges including:

● Find quality talent regardless of how tight the market gets

● Provide an exceptional candidate experience every time

● Drive operational efficiencies like automating manual, paper-heavy tasks

● Fill job orders with record speed and ease

● Ensure compliance on a state and national level

Finding the right ATS for staffing agency use can be difficult – and even the most effective ATS systems are often limited to applicant tracking. AviontéBOLD is different. Our staffing software solution combines your ATS with other key tools to provide a more comprehensive look at your recruiting work.

From tracking applicants to matching talent to billing with ease, AviontéBOLD goes beyond the usual ATS for staffing agencies to provide a more efficient, effective staffing software solution. Leverage applicant tracking into a powerhouse of connection-building between available talent and your clients’ needs, while also automating routine tasks so that you can spend more time on building the relationships that make any staffing agency thrive.

“Avionté with its acquisition of COMPAS Technology and introduction of AviontéBOLD, continues to show our industry cutting edge breakthroughs to help their clients be successful.”

-Chris Peterson, AVAILABILITY Professional Staffing