End-to-end recruiting activated at scale

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Integration Overview

ConverzAI enables recruiting and staffing teams to realize their revenue potential with readily deployable end-to-end recruiting automation. The ConverzAI platform automates candidate sourcing, screening, and assessment at scale while maintaining the human touch.

Fill more jobs by scaling candidate engagement across channels including phone calls, voicemail, email, and text. This integration with ConverzAI gives AviontéBOLD users the power to launch screening calls at scale, engage with thousands of candidates across channels, improve the hiring experience, and collect valuable conversation-based insights.

The Key Benefits

  • Revenue boost through more hires and more value per hire
  • 50% faster time-to-hire
  • Marketing and job board spend optimization
  • Instant applicant engagement and qualification
  • 5 days to deploy
  • 4.6 candidate NPS