Onboarding for Staffing: Transforming Your Biggest Hassle into a Competitive Advantage


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Employee onboarding can be a complex, time-consuming process and is arguably the single largest chokehold in the talent funnel. In today’s employee-driven workforce, successful agencies will be the ones who will find ways to make onboarding a more streamlined, pleasing process for both candidates and recruiters. So, what should staffing leaders do?

In this episode of Avionté Digital Edge, Christopher Ryan, CMO of Avionté, sits down with our Professional Services Consultant Katie Schulz to discuss:

  • The challenges associated with onboarding for staffing companies;
  • Best onboarding practices;
  • How the right onboarding tech can give your agency a competitive edge; and
  • How some future-forward agencies are using onboarding to create a true digital talent workplace.

Katie Schulz


Katie Schulz
Professional Services Consultant at Avionté

For the past 7 years, Katie Schulz has worn various hats working with Avionte Staffing Software clients; she is currently a Professional Services Consultant. The things she enjoys most about Staffing are the chaos, energy, and personalities that make this industry so unique. In her spare time, she aspires to better herself, but shamefully watches reality TV instead.

Christopher Ryan


Christopher Ryan
Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Avionté

Christopher Ryan leads the Strategy and Marketing functions for Avionté. He brings more than three decades of consulting, thought leadership, and corporate experience in Human Capital Management.

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Modern technology has revolutionized the way we live, work, and play. It’s also what’s fueling the gig economy which has dramatically changed employment practices. So, what does that mean for staffing and contingent work? In our Avionté Digital Edge podcast series, we will speak directly with industry experts to explore topics and trends related to the digital transformation of staffing and temporary employment in the US workforce.

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