Avionté 3rd Party Partnership Showcase Webinar, featuring ADP/WOTC

Clients, don’t miss this exciting opportunity to tune in for our Avionté 3rd Party Partnership Showcase Webinar, featuring ADP/WOTC!

Learn how many of our clients have saved thousands by adopting the Avionté/ADP WOTC program, which allows Avionté clients to seamlessly take advantage of tax credits without creating any additional work through full integration.

Join us on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at noon CST.

Follow this link to register: https://bit.ly/1CBXcy6

About the ADP/WOTC Integration

Traditionally, screening for tax credits has been a paper-based and labor-intensive process. However, the Avionté/ADP program includes all tax credit related questions within the Applicant Portal and eliminates all WOTC paperwork from the process.

By integrating the tax credit questions within the Applicant Portal, the Avionte/ADP solution ensures that every single new hire is screened… resulting in significantly higher savings.

For a company with 8-10 users, the typical WOTC savings would be $50k – $100k per year. If a company is hiring a large number of veterans, that estimate could go up significantly. Most of the WOTC Target Groups are worth $2,400 for each eligible employee. However, the Veterans Target Group is worth up to $9,600 for each eligible employee.

There is no up-front cost to implement the Avionté/ADP tax credit program. We operate on a contingency fee model, thus motivating all parties to maximize the tax credits available to Avionté clients.

Webinar presented by Avionte Staffing Software.

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