Avionte Fall Webinar Series, October – November

Don’t miss our Fall Webinar Series!

The following FREE webinars are each offered three times during the 4th quarter. Click the Register link, when the registration page loads select one of the listed dates from the drop down menu. 

Report Tools & Exporting AQs

We will discuss using the report tools in Avionté staffing software as well as when and why you should export your AQ. Registration options here.

Agencies and Deduction Authority

Learn more about the Agencies sections in Avionté and how to cut checks to your deduction authorities within the core application. Registration options here.

Recruiter Module

This webinar will focus on the new Avionté Recruiter Module which is part of the AERO platform. We will cover how the Recruiter Module functions as well as how it interacts with the core application. Registration options here.

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