5 Value-Adds to Offer Your Staffing Clients

As a staffing firm, it’s tough to set yourself apart from the competition. And if you charge a little more, it can be even more challenging to prove your value. Consider offering these value-adds to your employer partners to show that you are not just another staffing firm.

Deliver Top-Notch Candidates

Establish a reputation as the agency that consistently provides the best people. That means doing whatever it takes to prevent a bad apple from slipping through your screening process. When it does happen – and it will – step in to swiftly remove the underperforming employee and provide a more suitable replacement. There will always be employers who can’t resist the lowest bidder, but for the most part, they learn quickly the value top people provide.

Make It Easier To Grow Their Business

Businesses stagnate because they are so busy putting out fires in their organization that they have no time for looking-forward activities and planning strategies for growth. By removing hiring and management obstacles and providing the infrastructure they need to grow their business anywhere they choose, you’ll be seen as a valued partner, not just a vendor.

Always Follow Through

Do you talk a big game about service–without following up? Clients have long memories. If you have all the time in the world for them before you close the sale and no time for questions after, you will lose business in the long run. Stay in touch with both the employer and your internal support team to ensure that the relationship is nurtured for the duration.

Become a True Resource

Regulations change all the time, as do trends in the marketplace. When you have a close, productive relationship with your clients, they won’t hesitate to pick up the phone when they need help or information. While you may gain no direct income from these efforts, if your clients think of you first when it comes to employment questions, they will come to you when they need to hire as well.

Up-To-Date Technology

Employers may not know what a big difference the right technology can make to their user experience until they have seen it firsthand. Keep up with the latest offering will allow you to serve your clients better and truly prove your value.

About Avionte.

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