8 Staffing Technologies that Fuel Growth During and After COVID-19

8 Staffing Technologies. 1 Goal: Fuel Growth During and After COVID-19

Brace yourself, there’s a storm coming.

A storm of order volumes in epic proportions. There will likely come a time (hopefully soon) when the estimated 40 million unemployed Americans will return to the workforce, leaning heavily on staffing firms for help.

Before the storm arrives, now is the ideal time for staffing agencies to discover new ways for their businesses to be more productive, more efficient, and better positioned for growth. Highlighted below is a collection of eight staffing technologies that are designed to help your firm achieve growth now and in the future.

To help out, we asked a variety of our trusted partners to assemble their top technology offerings that can make the biggest positive impact with COVID-19 in mind. The name of the game is growth.

Video Interviewing

How it Helps During COVID-19

With the increase in social distancing restrictions, meeting in-person for an interview may not be a viable option anymore (or at least for the next few months). The Avionté platform allows for effortless two-way video interviewing that improves hire quality and lowers the cost to fill – all while keeping your employees and candidates safe. Not only is this tool beneficial for the staffing firm, 57% of candidates actually prefer live video interviews. In addition, video interviews are 6X faster than phone interviews.

Men and women using staffing technologies

Vendor: Avionté


How it Helps During COVID-19

As the market changes quickly, staffing firms need ways to get in touch with talent and clients effectively, while still delivering a human touch. Given that 90% of people read texts within three minutes and respond within 90 seconds, Sense Messaging is perfect for recruiters and sales teams to drive real engagement and accelerate placements. Leverage templates, use emojis, and move from broadcasts to 1:1 messages to stay efficient and personal while increasing response rates by 50% or more. When you need to make placements quickly, think about how two-way texting can move candidates through the hiring funnel faster over email alone.

Graphic that shows the Sense Two-Way Text Platform

Vendor: Sense

I-9 Verification

How it Helps During COVID-19

Employers with employees taking physical proximity precautions due to COVID-19 will not be required to review the employee’s identity and employment authorization documents in the employee’s physical presence. However, once normal operations resume, all employees who were onboarded using remote verification must report to their employer within three business days for in-person verification of identity and employment eligibility documentation. If there are employees physically present at a work location, no exceptions are being implemented at this time for in-person verification of identity and employment eligibility documentation.

MAXIMUS helps employers to achieve compliance with all U.S. Department of Homeland Security guidelines with easy-to-use electronic I-9 management software. In just minutes, managers can verify each new hire’s information and sign the form electronically. Human errors are virtually eliminated due to validation checks, built right into the software, which prevents progress without first entering the proper information. You no longer have to worry about lost forms or forgotten signatures. You can feel confident that you are getting your I-9s done right the first time, saving time and valuable resources.

Screenshot of the MAXIMUS I-9 Platform


Employee Benefits

How It Helps During COVID-19

COVID-19 has swiftly introduced enormous uncertainty into the day-to-day operations of staffing companies. ESC offers a variety of employee benefit plans exclusive to the staffing industry. ESC is part of the largest provider of employee benefits to the Staffing Industry, processing over two million enrollment forms per year, with 750,000 temporary employees enrolling annually.

A screenshot of an overview of one of the ESC health coverage plans

Vendor: Essential StaffingCARE

Automated Engagement

How it Helps During COVID-19

Communicating with your talent and clients is more important than ever, but with recruiters stretched thin across the industry, it’s hard to deliver consistent, personalized messages to everyone. Automate critical outreach to all of your important audiences and streamline your processes with Sense Engage – the leading automation and engagement platform. Build robust workflows with triggered touchpoints, like talent check-ins, client outreach, and NPS surveys, across the talent lifecycle using your AviontéBOLD data to personalize emails and SMS. As hiring picks back up, keep your job board costs low by reactivating dormant candidates hiding in your Avionté database (firms can see a spend reduction up to 25% using automation!).

Computer screen featuring staffing technology from the Sense NPS platform

Vendor: Sense

Tax Credits

How it Helps During COVID-19

To help provide economic support to businesses impacted by the pandemic, the federal government is offering relief through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) to staffing firms who qualify. Synergi Partners provides tax credit and consulting services that can help staffing firms discover:

  • If they are eligible for tax credits under the FFCRA & CARES Acts
  • How much credit they can review (up to 5K per employee)
  • If the staffing firms have to pay back the credit

If your firm has been impacted by COVID-19, there’s a good chance you qualify for credits.

Graphic that says, "employee retention credit"

Vendor: Synergi Partners

Digital Onboarding

How it Helps During COVID-19

With more of your staff working from home, not having to rely on physical office items like printers or fax machines is essential to keeping the onboarding flow in motion. Digital Onboarding from Avionté allows for a seamless digital onboarding process for the candidate and recruiter – all from the comfort of home or another location outside of the office.

Picture of a tablet with onboarding documents

Vendor: Avionté

Google Analytics

How it Helps During COVID-19

This website analytics power tools helps businesses make informed decisions that can help drive you recruitment marketing strategy. And, this tool is 100% free to use, which makes it especially appealing to leverage during a global pandemic since the only investment is a little bit of time to learn the platform. Google Analytics can help staffing firms answer a variety of questions including:

  • Which of your social media platforms drive the most traffic?
  • Which of your pages (excluding your homepage) is driving the most candidates to your website?
  • In terms of geography, what US state brings in the most users?

For a quick how-to-guide to answer these questions with Google Analytics, check out our previous blog on 6 Free Tools to Help With Your Recruitment Marketing.

Screenshot of the Google Analytics Home screen

Vendor: Google

While initial data is looking promising for an increase in assignments week-over-week, the future is still unpredictable. What will happen next is still uncertain but one thing is clear, staffing firms leveraging the right technology will be in a better position for growth once the economy unthaws. To stay up to date with new trends in the staffing industry, be sure to check out our weekly blog series titled, Avionté RAW, which explores data that offers insights as to where things have been and potentially where they may be headed.

In addition, we have added COVID-19 Resources to our website. This resource center provides information from across the US and Canada that could affect how you do business. Check it frequently for the latest information and business trends occurring during these challenging times.

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