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As we power through the last months of 2017, we are already beginning many exciting projects that will give your organization the power to reach new heights in 2018. From temporary order management to building out recruiter workflows, we are enhancing our software to give you the most flexible solution to drive your success.

Aside from our goals for early 2018, we are also working hard to deliver our Self-Serve, E-Signature Documents powered by Adobe® Sign. An exciting partnership that allows you to create, store and use e-signature documents in a way that makes sense for your business. Not to mention, the new e-signature document solution is intuitive and easy to use so your teams will be up and running in no time. We are also continuing to improve upon our existing product and work toward a full Talent Profile and the concept of “Talent Tasks” – a seamless avenue of communication between a recruiter and their talent.

We encourage you to read this month’s In the Know to learn more about these upcoming projects, to access our latest product resources and to learn more about the current state of compliance for the staffing industry.

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Deprecation of the Mobile Sales App: Using the Recruiter Module

With the recent addition of the Add/Edit a Company functionality on the Recruiter Module, your mobile sales app will be deprecated as soon as you update to iOS 11. No need to worry though because the the new Add/Edit a Company feature gives you a fully mobile sales solution while on the go! With one-click functionality to make a call, send an email or access your map tool and directions – you’ll have everything you need while out on sales calls and visits to easily contact and add prospects.


Avionté: The Past, Present and Future

There is a lot in the works at Avionté – from our latest ACA Product Update to the upcoming additions and enhancements to the Recruiter and Talent Modules – including our Self-Serve, E-Signature Documents powered by Adobe Sign.


Compliance Round Up

Salary History Ban

With the intent of closing the pay gap between men and women and minorities, several states and localities have passed legislation prohibiting employers from requesting pay history of a job applicant. Lawmakers that have passed these bills submit that once pay disparity is introduced, it can reduce a person’s earning power across the entirety of their career.

What can employers do?

  • Ensure pay disparities are based on a bona fide reason, such as seniority or merit, experience, education, training and/or workplace locations.
  • Remove salary history questions from job applications and interview questions. To help clients be compliant with this aspect of the regulations, salary history/last pay rate is not included as a question on the Application Workflows in the Talent Module.
  • Post a salary range in job ads.
  • Train recruiters, HR and hiring managers to evaluate applicants on their abilities without knowledge of their salary.

For more information, check out the 50 State Pay Equity Desktop Reference Guide by Seyfarth Shaw.


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