Avionté “In the Know”: Product Updates, August

Avionté is excited to continue our communication with the third edition of our monthly “In the Know” communication! In this edition of “In the Know”, we are revealing our roadmap for the next three Releases of Avionté Staffing Software, highlighting the benefits of the Aero platform, and providing updates on ACA Subsidies.

Plus, we are showing you how you and your team can help ensure we are working on the most important things for your business.

Avionté’s “In the Know” update is issued each month to ensure timely and consistent communication between Avionté and our users. “In the Know” includes product updates, future plans, new Avionté partnerships, and compliance insights!

We are excited to share this journey with you.

A New View of Avionte: Building on the New Aero Platform

The Aero platform is the next generation of Avionté. The platform was built API first, allowing us to leverage the strengths of our Core system while building a new Anytime, Anyplace, for Anyone user interface. The Recruiter Module, Job Board Module and Talent Module are all part of the upcoming 16.2 release and while the user interface has changed and new features and integrations have been added, the modules still leverage the same core data and flow through to all of Avionté’s back office systems.

The new modules offer many workflow efficiencies, such as:

  • Faster and more effective resume parsing
  • Boolean searching with dynamic filters
  • Quicker access to view data
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device access
  • Automated activity logging (where/when appropriate)
  • Ability to create multiple, branded job boards and many other features

Starting with the 16.2 Release in September, you will have access to the same Core Features and User Interfaces you have grown to love, while also having access to all the new Modules on the Aero platform. This will allow you and your team time to become familiar with the new platform and provide feedback on the new platform all without any risk to your daily productivity. To understand which features and functionality will be present within the new modules on the Aero platform, read the August Looking Glass!

The Looking Glass: The Roadmap, Past, Present and Future
There are so many great things that Avionté’s product and development teams are working on. We are pushing the boundaries to bring you best-in-class features and functionality to go along with our top-notch customer service. Together, we will build staffing software, the way it should be!

This month, we are excited to release our product roadmap for the next 3 Releases: 16.2 (September 2016), 16.3 (November 2016) and 17.1 (February 2017). Let’s take a look through the looking glass to see what is currently on the roadmap; The Past, Present and Future of ideas are just a click away!

Compliance Corner: ACA Subsidy Notices

Have you received a subsidy notice?  If not, be on the lookout.  In late June, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) started mailing out notices to employers alerting them that one of their employees was certified as eligible for a premium tax credit (subsidy) through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

If you are in a state with a state-run exchange, you may have received these notices back in 2015; However, this will be the first time they are being sent out from the federal exchange and for states that have a federally-operated exchange. For a complete list of the exchanges by state, view the list here. Back in September 2015, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that subsidy notices would not go out for 2015, meaning employers will first hear of the subsidy from the IRS when they issue employer penalties. There will be no employer subsidy appeal process for 2015.

The notices currently being mailed out are for those employees that received a subsidy for “at least one month in 2016”. These notices alert the employer that the employee said: 1) they weren’t offered health care coverage, 2) they received an offer of healthcare that was either unaffordable or didn’t provide minimum value,or 3) they were within a waiting period and could not enroll.

Should you Appeal? Read More to find out.

Creating the Future Together: Our Roadmap is Influenced by You

Avionté is off to the races with our Ideas Product Enhancement Portal. The portal allows you to not only submit new ideas but also read ideas that have been submitted by others, and then vote for the ideas you like.

Product Enhancement PortalThe Ideas Product Enhancement Portal also allows you to follow submitted ideas, so that you get updated as we comment on the idea, add it to a release or merge it with other ideas!

When you submit and idea, the Product Team will thoroughly evaluate the idea, determine if it will be added to the road map and provide comments. You will see your idea appear in the portal within 48 hours and your idea will always have a comment. If you are interested in seeing the ideas portal,  please visit: ideas.avionte.com. We look forward to your active participation and communication throughout the process!

Reach out to the Product Team any time with new ideas, partnerships you want to learn more about or just to chat about whats in the pipeline for Avionte! We are always available at ideas@avionte.com.   

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