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As we close on the first quarter of 2018 – there is a clear theme for us in 2018: continuous improvement and innovation! We hit our fifth consecutive monthly release on March 9th, delivering new search functionality for IBM® Kenexa® Assess on Cloud, as well as many enhancements across the Suite and Aero Platform. In case you missed it, details can be found here!

We are excited to continue this momentum as we approach our April release. The April release will include the next two Phases of our paperless mobile onboarding solution, including the full range of Talent Tasks and the Talent Profile. Talent Tasks provide a seamless avenue of communication between your recruiters and talent while enabling the collection of vital information – Direct Deposit, Criminal History, Resume, etc. – from talent after the application process.







Avionté: The Past, Present and Future

As we move onto the next stages of our full paperless mobile onboarding solution, we are excited to release both Phase II: Talent Tasks and Phase III: Talent Profile in April. This release will give your recruiters flexibility to collect information crucial to making hiring decisions even after the initial application process is complete.

To learn more about the past, present and future of our product development plan and roadmap, let’s take a look through the Looking Glass. Click here to access the March 2018 Looking Glass.


I-9 Audits
In October 2017, Acting Director of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) emphasized the important role that workplace enforcement plays in President Trump’s immigration policy during a speech at The Heritage Foundation. (Listen to the speech here).


Highlights from the speech, especially relevant to employers:

  • ICE has already increased investigations and workforce enforcement
  • The agency intends to increase worksite investigations of employers by “four or five times” this year. This increase in investigations will likely be supported by the 10,000+ new ICE officers and agents proposed by President Trump in his Executive Order last January (read the executive order here).

To read the full March Compliance Corner, click here.



Take Your Knowledge to New Heights, It’s a Hoot!






Have you met AVI, the Avionté Virtual Instructor? AVI is available to you anytime you need help on the Recruiter Module. AVI can guide you through both existing and new feature functionality on the Recruiter Module.
Want to learn more about AVI? Click here!


We are all about improving YOUR experience!

We want to make your experience the best it can be, which is why we take every single idea into consideration. Share your ideas and you might see them come to life in a future Avionté release!

If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ideas@avionte.com. We can’t wait to hear your ideas and get your feedback!






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