Avionté RAW: Real Analytics Weekly – Week 29

Week 29 continued the remarkable and consistent trend of weekly growth!

The highlight was a whopping 4.0% increase in hours for the week – the second-highest increase in 2020 for any standard week!   Assignments, payroll, billing, and other metrics also increased.   I felt this week was significant, as the amount of COVID cases has grown dramatically, more states are increasing restrictions and the government is trying to figure out how to deal with unemployment.  A 4% weekly growth, to me, shows the underlying need for an open economy.

Here’s the quick snapshot of the metrics:

Week 29 Staffing metrics

It is great to see staffing firm Billing surging as well – going up by 5.9%.  I also like to see that our YTD hours have come back within 10% off the start of the year.


We are tracking distinct users as a proxy to see how staffing firms are responding as it pertains to internal staff.  Week 29 continued a positive trend with a large 1.9% increase.  We have seen 11 straight weeks of growth, not including the short Holiday weeks, bringing the total YTD decline to 14.3%.

Staffing Users YTD % Change

Staffing Data Results 

Staffing Hours YTD% Change

Staffing Assignments YTD% Change

Staffing Gross Billing YTD% Change

Year over Year comparison: 2018-2020 Staffing Hours

Staffing Hours Year over Year Compare

Individual State Performance

The state is where the work was performed (customer worksite) and we’ve only included states where we have substantial hours (> 10,000), to help display trending.

States compared staffing hours

For those new to the Avionté RAW series, the numbers reflected are based on an aggregation of hosted Avionté data from hundreds of customers across the US and Canada.

Written by, John Long, Avionté, Founder & Co-Chairman, and Natalie Flint

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