BOLD Things to do in Las Vegas (PG Version)

Just the topic of “bold activities in Las Vegas” can conjure up a plethora of activities and images – both harmless and some legally questionable. In light of ASA’s Staffing World, we decided to put together a list of work-appropriate, fun and bold things to do in Las Vegas. From unique experiences to death-defying hobbies, this list should inspire you to do something BOLD while in sin city.   

Skydiving (indoor & outdoor) 

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of the most obvious bold activities, skydiving. The thrill of plummeting to the ground from an airplane has long captured the interest of folks looking for an adrenaline rush. The thing with skydiving is that if you don’t succeed at first, skydiving is probably not for you.  

Intimidated by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane? Opt for the indoor version instead. The folks at Vegas Indoor Skydiving offer an experience similar to skydiving but without the airplane. Using a 1,000-horsepower fan, winds of 120 mph keep divers floating in the air, offering a Superman-like flying sensation. 

Skydiving Las Vegas

Thrill rides at the top of the Stratosphere 

As the tallest freestanding structure in the United States, there’s plenty of bold things to do at the top, including a variety of rollercoasters and daredevil experiences like:  

  • Big Shot! – Blast up to 160ft in the air on top of the stratosphere tower and then feel “G-force” tingles as you plummet back down to the launchpad 
  • Insanity – Giant mechanical arms hold you 866 ft in the air as you spin around with all of Las Vegas below you 
  • X Scream – Catapult headfirst 27 ft. over the Stratosphere’s edge (109 stories in the air) 
  • Skyjump – Bungee jump off the world’s highest controlled descent adventure 

Hike the Valley of Fire State Park 

Just an hour’s drive outside of the strip sits an epic landscape of millionyear-old sandstone formations that are truly spectacular to behold. From picturesque dunes to ancient rock drawings, there’s a lot to explore in the Valley of Fire State Park. Be sure to complete the one mile (roundtrip) White Domes Hiking Trail and don’t miss snapping a picture of the famous Fire Wave. 

Valley of Fire Las Vegas

SlotZilla Zip Line 

Take a cruise 11 stories in the air as you soar through five blocks of the world’s largest video screen. The SlotZilla Zip Line is also the world’s largest slot machine and features a variety of Las Vegas icons like a martini glass, pink flamingo, coins and more.  

Zipline Las Vegas

UFO Watching 

Whether you believe in aliens or not, there’s something special about watching the night sky over the desert. Sign up for a guided UFO watching tour that uses militarygrade night vision goggles to scan the sky for unidentified flying objects. Even if you don’t see aliens, you’ll still be able to see up to 50,000 more stars with the goggles. 

Want a taste of Area 51? Take the extraterrestrial highway (aka Route 375) to Rachel Nevada for a variety of gimmicky billboards, truck stops and other alien-inspired trinkets. If you’re feeling extra bold and have an intense desire to get as legally close to Area 51 as you cantake a 4-wheel vehicle to Tikaboo peak for your best bet at seeing the base.  

UFO Area 51 Las Vegas

Pho 87 PhoZilla Challenge 

Want to win $1,987? Try taking on one of Las Vegas’s boldest food challenges, the PhoZilla. At Pho 87, contestants have 33 minutes to eat a 10-pound bowl of pho which includes a gallon of broth. Seems impossible right? Apparently, the last person to win this challenge did it in 2011. 

Pho 87 Las Vegas

$5 Casino Challenge 

Start with $40 and break it into eight, $5 bills. Enter a casino of your choice and see how much money you can raise with just $5. Naturally, this shouldn’t get you too far but if you’re lucky, you can stretch your time and winning streak out long enough to get a complimentary alcoholic drink. Once your $5 is spent, head to another casino and repeat the process until your $40 is spent.  

Worst case scenario – you’re out $40 but hopefully received a few drinks and some responsible gambling thrills.  

Best case scenario  you walk away with more money than you started with💵 

Hopefully, this list gives you a few ideas of some BOLD activities to test out in Las Vegas. If you’re heading to Staffing World, be sure to stop by the Avionté booths (436-437) for a preview of our new front and back office staffing solution called AviontéBOLD as well as more ideas for BOLD things to around town.  

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