T’was the Week Before Christmas: A BOLD Holiday Tale

T’was the week before Christmas and despite the cold
The recruiters sourced talent in AviontéBOLD;
With Spotlight sorting resumes for positions with care,
The qualified candidates were ALL found in there!

With simple and mobile-friendly job applications,
The talent found it easy to find new stations,
And paperless onboarding was such a delight,
They cheered their onboarding experience was “out of sight!”

Two-way text messaging from the candidate profile,
Helped the recruiters communicate with talent in style.
And with its video interviewing tech all the rage,
Avionté’s built-in solution helped them engage.

From Front Office to Back Office the agency staff,
Were able to reduce their manual tasks by half;
With so many tedious tasks removed,
They found that ALL of their KPIs had improved!

With jobs being filled, so lively and quick,
I knew that the software MUST be the trick.
On-the-go, anytime, anywhere, any device,
The new end-to-end solution was worth any price.

“Now! Connect, now! Attract, now! Bill, and Pay,
“On! Source, on! Analyze, you’ve saved the day!”
But then the recruiting agencies did call,
“We love the new product, but we want it all.”

So back at Avionté, the UX team didn’t delay,
Conducted focus groups and client visits and sent a survey.
“We will continue to seek out what is most important,
As our goal is to earn our clients’ ringing endorsement.”

The Product Team took feedback and developed new features,
“Our clients have always been our greatest teachers!
“We will work tirelessly to prove that they’ve made the right choice,
“As earning their business is what makes us rejoice.”

Our goal is to serve you and help your businesses grow,
And in this season of gratitude, we want you to know,
We value your partnership, your patience, your trust, and your call,
Happy holidays from Avionté to you and to all!

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