4 Questions to Ask Before Picking an ATS

October 2023 Update: Be sure to check out this more recent post Choosing the Best CRM and ATS Software for Your Staffing Business.

An ATS can help staffing firms focus on generating revenue and growing the business, by automating the administrative tasks that can consume valuable resources. But the wrong ATS is worse than none at all.

As a staffing firm, what questions must you ask yourself to ensure you make the right choice?

What Do I Want From My ATS?

Do you want to reduce the paperwork your recruiters handle daily and empower them to make more calls and spend more time with candidates? Do you need software that makes it easier to remain compliant with tax laws and other regulations? Choose a provider that can help you to improve your business processes simply and effectively.

Is it Able to Meet Your Most Important Needs?

Consider what’s most important to you in an ATS. Do you want to be able to check in from your smartphone? Need it to integrate with Microsoft Outlook? Does it integrate with other third-party solutions your firm uses? While no ATS will be able to meet every item on your wish list, partnering with an ATS who is unable to meet your most important requirements will not meet your needs. Prioritize your needs to effectively evaluate if an ATS is able to meet your top requirements.

Is It Simple To Use?

Every business is unique. One-size-fits-all solutions seldom offer the value of one that can adapt to your needs. Can the software be easily configured and customized? Is the candidate-facing portion user friendly? Does the ATS provide both front office and back office solutions – and do they work well with each other? An ATS is supposed to make your life easier. If you spend too much time learning how to use it or trouble-shooting it once it’s launched, you’ve reduced your efficiency, not increased it.

Can I Get Real Support From My Provider?

Can you get a live person on the phone to walk you through any issues? Is the software regularly upgraded to improve functionality? And at what cost to you? Choose a provider and an ATS that can support your firm as you grow. And don’t forget to ask for references or testimonials from other staffing agencies.

Avionté Goes Beyond Staffing Software.

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