Celebrating 10 Years of Empowering Staffing Agencies with WOTC: Avionté’s Milestone Partnership with ADP

As Avionté commemorates a decade of collaboration with ADP, renowned for its expertise in tax, payroll and HR services, we reflect on how this partnership has helped staffing agencies earn much-needed tax credits and revenue, particularly through the Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) program. The hallmark of our collaboration with ADP is the seamless integration of the WOTC process into the hiring workflow.

At the upcoming SIA Exec Forum in Las Vegas, NV, we will be celebrating this milestone on March 26th at booth 314 from 5:30-6:00 PM. It’s an opportunity to reflect on a decade of innovation and collaboration that has reshaped the staffing landscape. 

Over the years, Avionté has emerged as a leader in providing comprehensive solutions for staffing agencies, covering everything from CRM to payroll. However, we recognized that certain crucial tasks like employment verifications, background checks, and tax credits – which are standard processes for over 80% of our staffing agency customers – are not fully addressed by traditional ATS (Applicant Tracking System) platforms, even one as robust and comprehensive as AviontéBOLD

And that’s where Avionté+ comes in. Through strategic partnerships with over 80 industry providers, including ADP, Avionté+ offers seamless, often deeply embedded, integrations with third-party platforms to address these critical business needs. Our goal is to empower agencies to optimize their technology stack quickly, securely, and at scale. 

At the heart of our anniversary celebration is the impact of our partnership with ADP on maximizing WOTC benefits. With ADP’s support, agencies can seamlessly integrate an easy-to-use WOTC form into their hiring processes and automate payroll for WOTC processing, including tax submissions to government authorities. This ensures agencies can maximize tax benefits and ensure compliance.  

Through our integrated solution, clients have unlocked significant tax savings. By streamlining and automating the WOTC process within our AviontéBOLD system, we’ve been able to greatly increase employee participation to maximize agency benefits. And the results speak for themselves! In fact, by embedding an easy-to-use WOTC form into the onboarding process, clients consistently achieve 100% employee participation, regularly resulting in nearly half a million dollars in tax savings or more. These success stories epitomize the transformative power of technology and strategic partnerships in driving business outcomes.  

And in just 3.5 years, Avionté clients have earned an impressive $92,722,103 in WOTC tax credits, averaging $454,918 per client. This translates to $27,530,006 earned year over year, with an average of $134,752 in tax credits per client. These figures underscore the tangible impact of our partnership on the financial health of staffing agencies. 

“Avionte’s partnerships and integrations have helped our agency tremendously. When considering the automation of our WOTC program and evaluating various vendors that integrate with Avionte, partnering with ADP for the WOTC program stood out as the most seamless experience we’ve encountered. The implementation process with Avionte was genuinely painless – I can’t emphasize enough how effortless it was. The ADP team, both in getting us started and in ongoing support, has been exceptionally pleasant to work with. Tom and the ADP team are our go-to referral without hesitation.”

Mike LovenOwner, Staff On Site

As we celebrate a decade of partnership with ADP, we reaffirm our commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer success in optimizing WOTC benefits for staffing agencies. Together, we’ll continue to shape the future of staffing by maximizing tax credits and driving financial growth.  

Join us in celebrating a decade of success and innovation in WOTC optimization with cupcakes, photo opportunities, live demos and more on March 26th from 5:30-6:00 pm. 

To discover the advantages offered by our WOTC providers or delve deeper into the extensive network of our 80+ integration partners, reach out to your account manager or visit www.avionte.com/integrations

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