Creating a Positive Candidate Experience

A positive candidate experience with an employer made 23.8% of candidates more likely to increase their relationship with the brand.

The recruiting process is comprised of three phases: sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding. Although each phase is unique, there is one thing that needs to be at the forefront each step of the way: creating a great candidate experience. You may not think it’s your job to impress the talent, but that’s definitely not the case. Candidates are customers, and the recruiting process is the first chance you have to create a positive view of your company.

Candidate Sourcing

Sourcing is a two-pronged mission: How do you find the right candidates and, how do you entice the right candidates to apply? You need to create an alluring image of the opportunity and the company, which any hiring team can accomplish through well-written job descriptions and a great careers page. These will tell the job market why they should interview for your position as well as provide insight into what the company culture is like. Make your candidate search easier by taking the time to put together a compelling job description and thorough careers page.

Build a Relationship

It’s usually not considered an “interview” per se, but matching a resume against the job requirements can be loosely labeled the “first interview”. Because of this, instead of going back over how their background matches the requirements – during the video and in-person interviews – take this opportunity to focus on building a relationship and learning about them as a person. Job experience is essential, but the secret to an exceptional organization is its people. Skills can be learned, character and alliance with the company mission cannot, which is why emphasizing relationship building during the interview process is paramount.

In addition to a character interview, it’s great practice to keep top contenders in the loop until the position has been filled. The simple act of shooting an email informing candidates that you won’t be moving forward will paint you and your company in an incredible light. And who knows, you may have a position for them down the line. 55.9% of candidates reported not receiving any feedback after their onsite interview, so stand out from the competition by treating your candidates with respect by way of transparency.

Automate Onboarding

57% of voluntary turnover happens within a year of new hires’ start dates. That is an alarming statistic. True, some loss is out of an employer’s control – such as seeking higher pay or various personal reasons – but one way to safeguard your organization from unexpected churn is through effective onboarding. Discuss position expectations, reinforce the company’s mission, introduce co-workers, and thorough training are all ways you will positively contribute to a new hire’s experience and success.

An excellent recruiting strategy creates a strong employer brand, which will organically attract the right candidates. Entice the best and put forth a positive company image by creating a great candidate experience.

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