Don’t Just Post and Pray

Don’t Just Post and Pray

A quality candidate experience is crucial to attracting quality candidates.

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In today’s war on talent, many employers have turned to quantity instead of quality. Companies are often leveraging a variety job boards, social media outlets and referral sources to attract talent. While attracting top talent is a numbers game, it’s important to understand some of the unwritten rules of engagement when posting positions.


Poor Branding

We have seen a lot of companies overuse social media and some of the organic (and sometimes free) job boards. Companies will often post positions before they’re actually open, creating several candidate facing issues. Many do this to build their talent network pool but fail to realize the adverse effect this can have on the company brand.


Don’t Spam the Job Boards

Much like how Google will block results from their search engine when people try to inorganically (cheat) to boost their status, job board search engines are starting to follow suit. By taking new measures, they are preventing users from spamming their boards with invasive postings strategies. For example, if you post the same position a multitude of times within a narrow time frame, or if you aggressively over-use a keyword, your job description may get negatively noticed by the search engine and result in your postings getting flagged. Or worse, you run the risk of your jobs being blocked from the job board’s search results all together. Indeed took a proactive approach and provides additional information on this topic.


In the past, repeatedly spamming job boards with the same requisition was an effective – and common – strategy. But in an effort to provide visitors with valuable and relevant opportunities, job boards have turned their focus to requisition quality, not quantity.


The fact is that by not thoughtfully posting and distributing jobs you’re doing yourself a disservice. Not only will the ‘post and pray’ tactic paint your company in a poor light, it will have a negative impact on the type of candidates you attract.

Be mindful that you reap what you sow: a poor job description will yield poor results.

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