Onboarding Just Got Easier: Introducing E-Signature Documents and Talent Assessments

First impressions matter. When it comes to your staffing agency, the first impression you make with potential candidates can be a make or break for your organization. Having engaged, hard-working and successful candidates working for your clients is the difference between growth and stagnancy. It’s challenging to remain competitive in today’s market, but there’s a way – and it’s powered by the relationships you build with your candidates. It all starts with an efficient paperless mobile onboarding process.

That’s why Avionté is focusing on making one seamless, efficient and end-to-end onboarding solution to provide the ideal candidate experience. An experience so great, you will be able to retain the best candidates. E-Signature Documents powered by Adobe Sign and Avionté Assessments powered by IBM Kenexa empower your teams to provide a seamless avenue of communication with talent, to easily collect the documentation you need and quickly qualify candidates via assessments.

E-Signature Documents Powered by Adobe Sign

“Paperwork is fun,” …said no one ever. Especially not in the staffing and recruiting industry. With the extensive paperwork needed to onboard talent, a paperless, mobile onboarding process is crucial to making your company as efficient as possible.

Recruiters need a quick and easy way to follow up with and send documents to applicants and employees for completion. Candidates need an easy way to complete paperwork. They also need a way to do it on their terms – being able to complete documents anytime, anywhere and no matter what device they are using.

By leveraging Adobe Sign as a part of our mobile onboarding solution, you and your teams can easily prepare, create, store, and manage your onboarding paperwork – fully paperless, fully mobile. Since this is a self-serve solution, your teams will have complete control over your electronic onboarding documents, giving you the flexibility to add and edit your e-signature document management process when you need to.

All of this leads to a seamless onboarding process for both your recruiters and your talent – giving them an easy way to work with your staffing agency and quickly become a revenue-generating employee. This also leads to:

  • Increased recruiter and business performance by having more placements
  • Improved candidate engagement, allowing you to attract and retain the best talent
  • Higher customer satisfaction, providing exceptional talent and service for your customers

How does it work? It’s simple – and will enhance your recruiters’ communication with their talent, which is key to creating a positive candidate experience. In fact, 60% of candidates said that better communication throughout and after the application process would make a positive impact. E-Signature Documents powered by Adobe Sign allow recruiters a quick way to send out E-Signature Documents for completion, with just a couple clicks, including full insight to the status of every electronic signature. Additionally, Adobe Sign helps reduce legal risk with a complete audit trail of every transaction that is automatically stored in a secure, online repository. Flexible, easy, secure – our E-Signature Documents powered by Adobe Sign will change the way you view paperwork.

Avionté Assessments Powered by IBM Kenexa

Why use talent assessments? The answer is simple – to place the best and most qualified candidates. By using industry-leading assessment technology, you can make better workforce decisions and improve your overall hire quality, leading to better relationships with your clients. That’s why many organizations use pre-hire assessment tools to help ensure the right match between the job and the person.

With our new assessment partnership with IBM Kenexa, you can select from a wide range of assessments to help you find the right talent for the right job – faster and more efficiently. As a part of an overall, seamless onboarding process, using Assess on Cloud to send out talent assessments leads to:

  • Improved business performance by identifying critical talent through discovered strengths
  • Improved quality of hires – by making more informative workplace decisions through a powerful assessment platform
  • Higher assessment completion with a fully accessible assessment solution – available to talent on their terms – anytime, anywhere via any device

How does it work? As a part of our seamless onboarding process, selecting and sending out talent assessments is as simple as a few clicks. Additionally, you will have a full view into the status of completion and pull up the results at any time. You can choose to send out one assessment at a time or send out a Packet of assessments for talent to complete. It’s flexible – so you can make the best decisions about your candidates moving forward.

Let’s recap: Better onboarding = better candidates and better client relationships. Sounds like a win-win all the way around. With Avionté’s latest product release, onboarding just got that much easier and will continue to help you improve your processes, increase productivity and drive revenue growth. Want to learn more? Then contact us to request a demo!

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