4 Things to Look for in a Background Screening Partner for your Staffing Agency

There are so many background check providers on the market, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. You don’t want to take such a big decision that carries compliance complexities lightly. As a staffing firm, speed, accuracy and compliance are all key factors with background screenings, but there are other factors you should consider in addition when evaluating solutions. Here are four things to look for when it comes to identifying the best background check provider for your firm.

How to Identify the Best Background Check Provider for your Staffing Firm

    1. Variety of services. Look for a screening provider who offers an array of services to meet all of your needs. This can include everything from verifications, criminal history checks, drug screenings and more. Try to anticipate not only what you need right now for your business, but options you may need in the future.
    1. Security & Compliance. Background screening requires firms to navigate many regulations. The regulations related to background screening are complex, with rules varying from state to state. It’s important to partner with someone familiar with these standards and understands what matters to you.
    1. Automation & personalization. In today’s tech-centered world, seek out a background check provider who provides automation to streamline your processes. This also relates to a provider that integrates with your CRM for quick and easy submissions. Some providers also provide personalization options, where you can set your own acceptance criteria. This streamlines your process and eliminates potential errors in process.
    1. Support you can count on. As with any software solution, service is key. Look for a provider who has strong service to back up their premium product. Key factors to analyze are quick response times and personal attention to your firm.

Background Check Provider Options

If you’re a staffing firm reviewing background check providers, our partnership with Choice Screening may be exactly what you’re looking for. Choice Screening can provide all of these recommended factors and more! Choice Screening offers a variety of background screening services including verifications, criminal history searches, credit reports and SSN Verifications. They also provide drug and alcohol tests and employment health screens that meet industry compliance standards. Integrating Choice Screening with Avionté makes background screening process seamless and easy. Contact Avionté to learn more about the Choice Screening integration with AviontéBOLD.

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